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WELCOME TO FOR SALE COCA SEEDS UK, coca seeds for SALE in the UK | Coca Tea UK |Coca Seeds | Buy Coca Seeds | Erythroxylum | E.coca var | E.novogranatense var |We are a small, private online business dedicated to bringing you rare and sacred botanicals.

Our goal is to help preserve these species so that they become more widely known and available and do not perish like the many other plants that we have neglected to care for. These plants have been used by the worlds native people for the purposes of divination, meditation, healing, shamanism and religion for thousands of years.

We are proud to be able to bring you our selection of botanicals from the jungles of the world. Please note that we do not provide automatic payment processing through this website. All orders must be made directly via e-mail. Feel free to email us at for inquiries or order. Our mission is to bring you plants of the highest possible quality and health at reasonable prices and to deliver them to you as quickly as possible. Enjoy your shopping with CocaSeeds. All prices listed on our site are in Pound sterling £ Peruvian Coca Seeds Fresh seeds – cultivated domestically.

The seeds are ready and available for sale. After which they are able to germinate up to 6 weeks.These plants are of the highest quality, high leaf yield. Can grow up to 2-2.5 meters tall.Available shipping time 2-3 days. Comes in discreet packaging in humid moss and paper aluminium, Bolivian Coca Seeds, Bolivian Coca is one of four cultivated plants in the family Erythroxylaceae. Its native to western South America.

The plant grows as a cash crop in Bolivia for domestic use. You can hear the locals chanting coca yes, cocaine no. Chewing coca leaves in Bolivia is normal and traditional. HOW TO GROW COCA PLANTS. Heres how to germinate coca seeds and grow them into a healthy plant at home.1. Lay down several layers of paper towel on a plate and thoroughly moisten with distilled water.2.

Place coca seeds onto the paper towel and add a few layers of moist paper towel on top.3. Place a lid over the plate. Keep the seeds warm, above room temperature. Between 28-31°C (83-88°F).4. Ensure that paper towels are always moist. Drying out kills seeds.5. Be patient. Coca seeds can take up to 10 weeks to sprout.6. Once they begin to sprout, transplant seeds to soil.7.

We recommend a soil blend with equal parts sand, peat moss, potting soil and perlite.8. Gently place seeds a quarter inch below the soil surface.9. The seed will grow a root and stalk, which raises with the seed shell on top.10. The seed casing will slowly slide off the top off the stalk and fall off, revealing two leaves.11. Be patient, the seed shell normally comes off on its own over time.12.

On some rare occasions the seed shell will not fall off. In this case, slice the edge of the seed shell carefully with a blade. Be careful!13. Provide 16 to 20 hours of light a day.14. Keep temperature around 29°C/84°F. If plants have a cold snap they will start to drop leaves over the subsequent days.15. Keep humidity between 50% and 60%. If humidity is too low, new leaves may curl or burn.16.

Fertilize moderate to heavily. If leaves yellow, slowly increase feeding. Coca can be a heavy feeder.17. Do not get fertilizer water on the leaves as it will cause burning.18. Plants can grow to over 12 feet tall and live for over 40 years.19. The plant will naturally shed some leaves as it grows. You can collect and use them.20. Coca is not seasonal. It grows and produces leaves all year round.21. Once the plant is over 4 feet tall you can harvest leaves. This should take about 2 years.

At this time you can take a small number of leaves from the plant and they will soon regrow. Dont harvest more than a third of the leaves at once. Dry leaves in a cool place for 3 to 7 days before using.22. After 3 or 4 years the plant may begin to produce berries. Each berry will contain one seed. You can harvest berries when they are bright red. Clean off the flesh and sprout the seed to start another coca plant! HOW TO USE WHOLE COCA LEAF:

For a smoother experience, pull out the bigger stalk pieces before using.Start by placing about one gram of leaves in your cheek. Gently suck on the leaves and squeeze them with your teeth until it is a moist wad. Once it is all moistened, sprinkle two pinches of baking soda into the leaf wad to activate the coca alkaloids. Continue sucking and gently squeezing the coca leaf wad between teeth and cheek.Your cheek and gums should soon feel tingly and numb – Add another pinch of baking soda if needed. You will experience increased energy and mental focus.You can suck on leaves for about 30 minutes as they slowly dissolve. You can swallow the leaves as they dissolve, then swallow or spit out the remainder if desired. You can swallow the dissolved leaves after chewing to get the maximum effect. Energizing effects last 3-4 hours. HOW TO MAKE HOT COCA TEA:

Best made in a French press or teapot.vBoil water, let it cool for 30 seconds, then add to 1-2 Tablespoons of Regular Strength or Triple Strength Coca Tea per cup.Steep for 5-7 minutes. Allow powder to settle to bottom, or strain before serving. For best taste, add 1-2 mint teabags and honey to flavour.1-2 cups of tea will have a stimulating effect lasting 2-4 hours. Many people feel increased energy, greater concentration and focus. You may feel drowsy after the tea wears off.How to make Cold Brew Coca Tea: Stir into a jug 1 to 3 grams of coca powder per 1 cup of room temperature water.

Leave in fridge for 24 hours, stirring once after about 12 hours. Pour off liquid, filter out coca sediment or just pour off carefully. Flavour with sugar, mint, chamomile, black tea or as desired. Smoother taste than hot tea, less bitter. Excellent stimulating effect which lasts 2-4 hours. HOW TO USE COCA FUSION: Coca Fusion is a blend of powdered coca leaves, mixed with natural catalyzers and organic stevia. There are no other additives. Sweet green lemon flavor. Brew like espresso, or just put a 1-3 tablespoons into a cup of hot or cold water.

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