The best thing about technology is that it never differentiates. The advancement of technology over the past few years made major changes in the education sector. The procedure of teaching children and to interact with them has changed a lot with the improvement in technology. Talking about teachers, they are also becoming the central part of this tech-evolution. Well said “evolving technology doesn't undercut a teacher's role in the classroom; instead, it augments it”.


With unlike technology solution app developers are creating more and more products designed to enhance education.


Classroom are no more as they were earlier, the technology embraced it sweeping through classrooms as an educator tool. These days, online classes bridge the gap between regular classes and distance education. Distance education is actually more interactive in every sense.


Mobile applications, blogs and websites are becoming new source of free education to everyone and to every corner of the earth. Though technology is getting diluted within the classroom, but the role of books still remains to be determined.






Shifting from text books to laptops, new technologies like machine learning and educational applications aren't just changing the field for students but they're transforming the role of teachers.


Remodeling the classroom and gifting advance approaches to teacher technology is shifting the traditional pattern. With an arrival of new learning models educational methods are available free without any restrictions.


To get a better sense of education technology is developing role of different parameters in the field of education and outlined the advances that could be spelled out for the future.


Talking especially about the relationship between teachers and students technology is changing the dimensions of education.


Teachers with its learning experience reshape educational structure with the support this technology evolution. Learning and technology are running parallel to fill the gap between the past and the future. So far, the students have understood with the help of teachers but now technology is becoming the interface to understand things better.


From last few years’ levels of education is increasing with the use of laptops, tablets and other mobile devices. Among the fastest-growing and irreversible trends, mobile devices have become substitute for handouts, transparencies for overhead projectors, books, paper and pens. However, these technologies are helping in learning how actually the process takes place from first to last step.






Learning is now occurring both remotely and onsite through blended learning programs. Within all levels of education, online and face-to-face interaction changed the criteria of learning.


There many step-ups that flipped classroom model in which students can access content online outside the classroom as their homework. They can also learn new knowledge in the classroom by engaging in active scholarship practices, such as debate or group work.


This new learning can reduce costs, which makes it popular in today’s challenging economy. The education field always embraced new things that suggested giving students more control over how they access information that can be more effective than ever.


There are also several studies that showed face-to-face or virtual learning is creating difference in students. What’s interesting is that learning new things is becoming more virtual and the virtual activities are actually becoming more effective. In simple words you might say that virtual and the physical medium are meeting in the blending.


It is witnessed that colleges and universities are embracing various forms of online learning. Augmented Reality is one of the technologies that are helping to build student-teacher engagement and monitor performance.


The traditional educational models from past focused on providing students mandatory skills and to turn them into skilled personnel. The technologies solutions of today are more concerned with teaching students how to learn on their own.




Teachers have always been very aware that social learning as well as cognitive learning is adding ingredients to schooling activities. For example, a professor can whenever take time for students who want to meet in person. Such idea in schools and colleges are now creating blended courses providing the online experience. Like this college students can experience different environment while interacting in person with teachers.


In many ways students can have different subjects running at a time where teachers acting as motivators to give direct support that are even better than face-to-face classes. With technology it is easier than ever before to query Google or effortlessly calculate a math problem. Even teachers are determining what types of knowledge students need in order to stand in a front of technology workforce.


The reports show that the students who had worked in the digital environment made enormous strides in their education. Apart from that they consistently tested higher than students who had studied without this kind of program's assistance.




The technology provides a vision how educational models might work in upcoming years. With different learning styles computers are acting as individual tutors in classrooms. So adaptive in nature students are moving ahead learning and understanding more and more having a belief that sky is limitless.






Rapid transformation and development is helping underdeveloped nations to come ahead with these new technologies. The impact of knowledge is personified and transferred in all direction in the world. As the time is running education is becoming even more valuable and valued throughout the world. Technology is now a quest that continues to improve both its methods and the places where it occurs. Education is and always be the wand to change world and to be as same as earlier it is embracing the technology to make wonders.