Bottega Veneta Heels secretive Danish

While the YSL Sale footwear is certainly a delight to look at, the story behind it is equally intriguing. The label was created by the rather Bottega Veneta Heels secretive Danish, London-based designer who prefers to simply go by Elise. She's no stranger to indie labels, having worked for the label Baserange for four years and recently collaborating with Ottolinger. While Elise has been in the industry for some time, she doesn't promote herself as much-hence the first-name basis. I want to divert the focus from me as a person rather than to the project, she says. So that it is something that can go on and have its own life in a way.

Years ago on Amazon, I unearthed a thick pair of ponte leggings, and to this day, they are a hero item in my casual, comfy repertoire. When it comes to classic, ever-enduring white T-shirts, Vogue Alexander McQueen Sneakers readers also love the timeless, minimalists options on Amazon. And it's not just tops Prada Bags and bottoms that make up these fashion finds. On the retailer's roster of wardrobe staples, you'll also find wear-everywhere jewelry, bags, and shoes-and we've sifted through it all. Behold the best Amazon fashion finds, below.

Then again, you might want to greet the sultry weather with a resolutely earthy slate green tote. This is a shade that not-so-subtly declares, Get me out of the city! The lapping ocean, a greenery trimmed lake, or a small country pond come to mind, but barring all that, prancing through the spray of a nearby city fire hydrant Golden Goose Sneakers will do. Just make sure to fill this happy choice with blueberries from the farmers' market, a bottle of navy nail polish, and an azure cashmere pullover-it can get chilly during those long nights under a blue moon.

Call it Big Bag Summer-Jenner isn't the only one lugging around a massive tote. Just last week, Travis Scott was spotted in New York Moncler Coat Sale City toting along an oversized brown crocodile embossed Hermes bag with an Ozzfest tee and jeans. These supersized bags don't come cheap. Scott's can Valentino Sneakers fetch upwards of 23,000 and Jenner's Jodie bag is priced at 6,250. But it's not the price tag that makes them so deliciously luxe but more so their cumbersome shape. Who wants to schlep around with a massive swathe of thick lambskin on their arm all day, sans air conditioning Couldn't be me, unless I had a personal driver like Jenner and Scott! As I've been singing their praises since 2019, I love the idea of XXL bags making a comeback. They are so big you could pull a rabbit out of one, which makes them all the more magical.

Rick Owens said it best when he described his spring 2021 thigh-high platform boots for Good Morning Vogue: They're waders for walking through a Balenciaga Sale river in hell. Owens's boots are exactly the kind of footwear we could use here in America to stomp out racial injustice, police brutality, Moncler Vest Womens wildfires caused by climate change, and the maskless devil himself playing Evita on the balcony of the White House.