Have a look at All 11 Grilles For The 2021 Ford F-150<br>

Ford Grille Lead

It'll be 12 grilles when the new F-150 Raptor shows up. We can make do with these till after that.

The new-and-improved 2021 Ford F-150 debuted the other day, bringing with it a few functions available on the full-size pick-up for the very first time. A few of the highlights consist of an optional hybrid powertrain-- which the company calls "PowerBoost"-- a brand-new 12.0-inch touchscreen, as well as Ford's Co-Pilot 360 safety collection offered as an option. However you might have missed this: Of the F-150's 13 trims, 11 of them have unique grille styles. 2017 f150 raptor style grille

XL/ XL Chrome

The F-150 XL and the XL Chrome are the entry-level variations of this vehicle, so expect both of them have a reasonably basic style. The plastic vertical slats as well as black inserts match the vehicle's affordable temperament, and also while there's absolutely nothing facny about this grille, it still looks great.


The F-150 STX has a more subdued grille style comparative, yet it looks nicer. Instead of the vertical slats and also black plastics inserts of the XL and XL Chrome designs, the STX sports a black mesh therapy around the Ford logo design as well as body-colored surround. That offers the truck's grille a cleaner look, unlike the black plastic borders on the two entry-level designs.


The F-XLT is the initial in the brand-new F-150 range to obtain chrome. A chrome surround wraps up a standard black grille that looks similar to the base XL as well as XL Chrome designs. The indoor part of the grille uses a comparable black plastic treatment with vertical slats and horizontal accents to the one found on the entry-level designs.

XLT Chrome

The F-150 XLT Chrome-- you guessed it-- gets back at extra chrome. Joining the XLT design's chrome border is a brand-new horizontal insert that wraps around the Ford logo design. Like the XLT, the XLT Chrome likewise obtains a new intense coating on the reduced part of the bumper.

XLT Sporting activity

The F-150 XLT Sporting activity ditches chrome instead of a gunmetal-colored border and also full-width trim item instead. The black plastic inserts are larger, also, as well as the chrome accent on the reduced part of the XLT and XLT Chrome design goes away instead of a body-colored finish rather.


The F-150 Lariat gets more luxuries than the majority of the previous models pointed out, and that's apparent by considering the grille. The big, chrome trim item-- front and also facility-- represents the Lariat's even more high end look. That feature expands the width of the grille and also couple with slim vertical slats behind it, along with even more chrome on the front bumper.

Lariat Chrome

The F-150 Lariat Chrome obtains the exact same straight insert as the conventional Lariat design, just now the upright black slats are swapped for chrome slats rather. That additional chrome gives the vehicle a more high end look, and like the typical Lariat, the Chrome model also gets a shiny therapy reduced down on the bumper.

Lariat Sporting activity

The F-150 Lariat Sporting activity loses every one of the chrome from both various other Lariat models, instead coating that large straight trim piece in a dark gunmetal surface. The upright slats also revert back to black, and also the chrome attribute on the lower portion of the bumper currently gets a body-colored finish.

King Cattle Ranch/ King Ranch Chrome

The F-150 King Cattle Ranch and also King Cattle Ranch Chrome have an one-of-a-kind grille layout that immediately divides the two versions from the remainder of the variety. There's a gold-colored trim piece that prolongs the width of the grille, combined to matching gold inserts throughout. The only point that divides both vehicles is the reduced portion of the bumper: The regular F-150 King Ranch obtains a coordinating gold-colored bumper while the King Ranch Chrome obtains a shiny bumper.


The F-150 Platinum makes use of the very same grille style as the King Ranch and King Cattle ranch Chrome models: a full-width bar as well as matching inserts. Only it sheds the distinct gold coloring of those 2 designs, swapping it for a typical silver finish rather. The F-150 Platinum likewise gets a body-colored reduced bumper.


The F-150 Limited has the most special grille of them all. Though it obtains the very same full-width bar item as the previous 3 trims, the Limited obtains a bigger silver surround, special silver vertical slats, and also the "LIMITED" wordmark across the top.