Cosmetics containing nicotinamide are not suitable for everyone


Nicotinamide is a B vitamin, also known as nicotinamide, which is the amide form of nicotinic acid. In recent years, the whitening effect of nicotinamide has attracted extensive attention, and cosmetics containing nicotinamide have become the "Darling" of the market. But not everyone is suitable for cosmetics containing ceramide. Pay attention to the usage.
Nicotinamide has many functions.
Nicotinamide has many functions. It is often used in cosmetics for whitening, freckle removal, anti wrinkle and moisturizing. It also has application prospects in the treatment of allergic dermatitis, acne and other skin diseases.
Nicotinamide can reduce skin pigmentation. Nicotinamide plays a role in the process of melanin precipitation, which can prevent melanin from precipitating from melanocytes to keratinocytes. Research shows that nicotinamide can effectively reduce melanin precipitation, promote the regression of color spots and improve skin condition. In a randomized double-blind study, researchers found that nicotinamide can reduce facial pigmentation.
At the same time, nicotinamide can accelerate the metabolism of skin cells, promote the synthesis of collagen, improve cell activity, promote the metabolism of keratinocytes containing melanin and reduce the precipitation of epidermal melanin.
In addition, nicotinamide can promote the synthesis of epidermal protein, improve skin resistance, improve skin texture and supplement skin moisture. Nicotinamide for external use can reduce transcutaneous water loss, reduce sebum secretion and improve skin barrier function. Strengthen the adhesion of stratum corneum, improve the thickness of stratum corneum, improve the maturity of stratum corneum, maintain moisture and improve the skin barrier function.
Nicotinamide is an antioxidant, which can effectively prevent cells and cell membranes from being damaged by free radicals, eliminate superoxide anion free radicals that play a role in inflammation, and has local anti-inflammatory effect.
Be alert to adverse reactions such as allergy.
Most studies show that it is safe to use cosmetics containing nicotinamide, but some consumers will show red, allergy and itching after use. In comparison with nicotinamide gel and clindamycin gel, there were slight adverse reactions such as slight itching and burning. In order to avoid this situation, before using cosmetics containing nicotinamide, consumers had better test on the inside of their arms or behind their ears, and then use it on their face to avoid redness or tingling.
The concentration of nicotinamide in skin care products has an important impact on product safety. Cosmetics containing ceramide are safe for long-term use, but the daily dosage should not exceed 3G. If the concentration of nicotinamide in cosmetics exceeds 4%, 20% of people can't stand it. Therefore, people who are sensitive to skin and patients with dermatitis must carefully use high concentration nicotinamide products.