Take a relaxing flight or train ride to work using video podcasts and publically accessible training sessions

This article will help you make your time more productive. My personal favorite way to be idle is like any other person. Sometimes, I enjoy watching TV and playing video games for hours. Sometimes, I have to work. At other times, I want it to last for months or even weeks. But I'll keep working. There is a time when I want to waste time even while I'm working. I love to keep myself entertained with chocolates and gummies. It's fun! I waste my time thinking there's no tomorrow. Because there's always a day to come, I have to continue my travels for my job. I set up and manage extremely sensitive accounting programs on servers belonging to 490 or 500 of the world's top fortune corporations.

In any case I have to say that big city dwarfs me. I am unable to be there for more than a couple of days at once, so I move to the suburbs - three train hours away from the city. It's 1.5 hours away from the capital of another state, but I drive twice as far to my hometown big city. I commute there via car, train, and sometimes even have somebody drive me there and back. These long-distance chauffeurs really do help. I frequently fly to work-related trips but not every firm has offices in the major cities I frequent. I also ride the train. It's not easy. Sometimes, I am taken to airports by private planes. The waiting time for these planes is much shorter. But the 500, are envious of my talents, so they treat me occasionally.

However, let me say, even with hours or maybe even days of traveling every week, I do not waste time that way. When I fly, approximately 50% of my time is spent playing on handheld consoles or watching television on my laptop. I usually download video clips from Youtube to bring along. I use video mp4 videos to make DIY videos and training. I also save them to my laptop. Sometimes, I need to play the videos in the future and so I convert them to mp3 format. This online Youtube to MP3 converter app provides clear audio with high quality for any tutorial video or lecture I am interested in. Then I listen to the audio portion as a podcast. It is not uncommon for me to have to go back to the original video if I'm having difficulty understanding the message, however this is rarely the case.

You can find DIY video on my laptop with ease. I prefer watching those that are more detailed. ASMR videos - these are the most suitable to be converted to mp3 format and played with headphones. I've downloaded an mp3 with cat's purr. It was a great experience and made me feel goosebumps. It helps me relax. I think that something about the sound makes me more able to understand resonance and the world around me while I am ASMR-ing. I'm not a fan when people whisper however I do love cats that purr and lick themselves joyfully, they are really affecting to me. To unwind, I may play the voice recorded by the cat or the person I am driving back to home in a car that is private. But make sure don't watch or listen to ASMR while on the train since they can wake you in a different state.

Youtube provides a variety of lectures and seminars on a variety of subjects. YouTube also broadcasts live DJ sets recorded at electronic music festivals. Those I sometimes download as video mp4 file, as I love watching them on the plane, and Internet is not always available or extremely slow and intermittent So I don't wait my breath and make them at home and download video or convert it to mp3 at home via WiFi and such..https://www.click4r.com/posts/g/3038803/use-this-online-program-for-to-convert-mp3s-instead-heres-why Sometimes I download up to 3 hours worth of music from famous DJs to listen to while on the plane. I love older UK music - breaks, garage and techno and also tech-house, techno, trap, breaks and jungle. These are the greatest dance music producers that other producers have come across.