The use of flowers and plants, shrubs and pots in our villa or place, creates a pleasant view that can be spent hours at a time. A place to get rid of daily tiredness and boredom so that we can return to work and daily life with a double spirit.

In landscaping, with different designs, we change the environment and make it more pleasant. This landscaping does not only involve planting plants, but also capturing a magical pen and redesigning the space so that the building or villa or roof becomes beautiful and charming. Pergola, fountain, pond, creek, pool, flower garden, tree planting, porch, barbecue and 2 are important parts of landscaping and this magic pen.

In more scientific terms, landscaping is how to use and place the required elements in a space. Standards, safety and specialized design are important issues in landscaping.

Flat landscaping is the preparation of buildings and landscaping, which even includes sidewalk design, street construction, water and sewage collection networks, and so on. Use of pavilions, fountains, ponds, streams, pools, potting, tree planting, porches, barbecues and. . . They are one of the important parts of landscaping, the way of which is done and arranged depends on the opinion of the employer.

Principles of landscaping

Contrary to some people's beliefs, landscaping follows principles and rules that create a spectacular, relaxing and safe environment. This work is a branch of architecture and design, which is also referred to as landscape architecture.

Landscaping is not just about creating green space or paving; Because this is a small part of a landscaping project. In the general definition, the use of different elements and elements in the design of a space and the creation of a space suitable for the needs of the owner or users is part of the landscaping project.

One of the most important principles of landscaping can be mentioned: observing safety standards and proper infrastructure; Flatten and prepare the yard to create green space; Implementation of standard insulation for places such as ponds or pools; Considering the methods of water supply and water disposal; Creating harmony between the elements; Observe the focal point for the implementation of prominent designs such as highlighting one or more trees, sculptures, fountains, etc.; Observing the appropriate slope in flooring; Observing the principle of simplicity and avoiding the implementation of contradictory and complex designs; Principled use of lighting to enhance the space at night; Care in using all the structural space and….