The ride of her life (part 2)

No, she protested, I cant go out like this.I live here.My neighbors cant see me like this.
Oh, youre right, he said as he adjusted her bathrobe and tied the front closed again.There. He said as opened the front door and ushered her out.
But what about the house, she asked.
Well, this is a nice neighborhood, it should be ok. He said.But I did lock the door on the way out, just in case.
As he led her out to the van, she wondered if any of the neighbors would see her and what they would think.She was blindfolded, her hands behind her back, and being lead to a strange van in her bathrobe.Well, there nothing she can do about that now.When they got to the van she heard the door open.Suddenly he lifted her up and sat her in the front seat.She felt his hands grab her left ankle and slide it toward the inside corner of the seat.Then she felt him wrap something around it.A moment later she realized her ankle had been secured to the seat.He did the same to the right ankle.Now she sat there, hands behind her back, legs spread apart and tied so she couldnt close them.Luckily the van was high enough that no one would be able to see her spread legs.She felt his hand slide up her thigh, over her hip, and stop just above her waist.Then she felt a slight tug and heard a soft pop.He had just undone the tie on her bathrobe.She tensed slightly not knowing whether or not he planned expose her to the neighborhood.She relaxed when the van door shut.She couldnt imagine the humiliation she would feel if her neighbors had actually saw her naked.But for a moment she felt something else.She had felt an adrenaline rush at the thought of him removing her robe.And as the rush subsided she almost felt regret that it was gone.Though she knew the humiliation would be more than she could bear, the tingly feeling she felt from the rush was nice.As they started driving she thought about all the possibilities he could have in mind.Of course she had no idea what he was up to, but the possibilities were fun to imagine.
After they had been on the road for a few minutes she realized they must be nearing the mall.They stopped at what should have been a traffic light.He reached across her and she heard the window rolled down some.Suddenly he pulled her bathrobe open, exposing one of her breasts.She felt herself turn bright red as whistles and catcalls could be heard coming from the direction of the bus stop.As the van started forward they passed the crowd of men calling out to her.She couldnt believe he had done that.She could still feel her face blushing red at the thought of total strangers looking at her exposed breast.As they turned the corner and continued passed the mall she was glad that the seat sat back a little from the window.Nobody beside the van should see her unless they walked right up to the street as the van approached.
As they continued she felt the van turn on to the freeway.She figured they were headed north.They drove for a while and eventually took a loop on to another freeway headed west.After awhile of driving the freeway took a slight bend to the left.This let the sun shine directly on to her lap.The sun felt warm on her skin.She knew the road was slowly bending again to the left as the sun worked its way up her thighs.She relaxed as her thoughts alternated between how good it would feel to be lying under that sun improving her tan and how good he would make her feel when they reached their destination.Every now and then he would trace a finger slowly up her inner thigh, lightly over her panty-clad mound and up to cup her one exposed breast.He would gently fondle it for a moment as her breathing quickened.
Suddenly, without warning, he pinched her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, pulling and twisting until a moan escaped her lips.As they drove along the highway she heard him open the glove compartment and rummage around.She had been wondering where he was taking her and what he had in mind.She was never sure of what they were going to do next, but she had learned to trust him.He had opened up a whole new world to her by introducing her to the blindfold.By denying her sight he had awakened her imagination and heightened her other senses.She had learned that anticipation was one mother of an aphrodisiac.Suddenly she heard the unmistakable sound of a vibrator.As she listened as it seemed to move past her into the back of the van.Then it came forward over her head.It slowly moved past her face, never touching her, and down toward her breasts.It lingered there for moment, still not touching her.She could feel though as if it were giving off some type of heat.She remembered how he used it the other night and a shiver ran up her spine.Suddenly she felt it hit the seat between her legs.It bounced against her thigh and landed right between her legs not quite touching her pussy.She could feel it vibrating through the seat, just enough to tease her.As she sat there the feeling persisted and she could feel herself starting to get wet with anticipation.
They continued driving as she sat there trying not to move.She was afraid that the slightest movement would cause it to shift downward in the seat toward her pussy.And as sensitive as she felt down there now, she knew it would be worse if it slipped down and came to rest against her pussy lips.So she sat there, small shivers from the faint vibration on the seat and the memory of his touch made it almost impossible to be still.
As she was trying to deal with the feeling the vibrator was causing, he suddenly reached past her thigh and down the front of her seat.She couldnt figure out what he was doing until she felt herself suddenly lurch.Thoughts of a car crash and the highway patrolmen finding her in this position sent a rush of fear through her mind.But just as suddenly her seat locked into place and he sat up.The van had in fact slowed down and was now picking up speed again.He did that on purpose, she thought.She felt the sun on her breast now and realized that whole thing was just to move her seat forward.It then hit her that other drivers might be able to see her now.As they continued to drive the sun felt good on her bare skin.
Suddenly the sound of an air horn blasted off to her right.The van slowed a bit, as if matching speeds with the other vehicle.She knew she was being stared at as the trucks horn sounded again.The small bumps that divided the lanes sounded as the van moved over one lane to the right.Again the air horn blasted, this time from the next lane.She then realized that the trucks driver could probably see not only her bare breast, but her exposed lap.As she started to shift herself in an attempt to conceal her panties she felt the vibrator slide down along her thigh slightly.It was closer now to her panty covered pussy and she could feel its vibration through the air as well as the seat. She sat there as still as she could trying not to cause any more movement in her seat.The feeling of the vibration coupled with the fact she was being watched was starting to really get to her.She knew she was starting to get wet and wondered if the trucker would actually be able to see her panties dampen.
She suddenly jumped as his fingers pinched her nipple.That of course was the last thing she wanted to do.As her hips bucked slightly the vibrator slid the rest of the way down.Now with the tip resting firmly against her panties she could feel the vibrations directly on her pussy.The fact that this caused her hips to involuntarily buck forward again didnt help her at all.The forward movement only intensified the contact and magnified the vibrations.She was trying to keep her hips still, but it wasnt easy.Again the air horn sounded, reminding her that she was still being watched.It was getting harder and harder to ignore the vibrator.His hand reached under her breast, cupped it, and lifted it upward as if offering it to the trucker.Again the air horn sounded.
She was trying to keep her hips still.The vibrator was starting to really get to her.She tried to think of something else, but her mind kept coming back to the vibration between her legs and the stranger watching from the next vehicle.She had no idea how far or long they drove like that.He hadnt touched her for some time.And the truck driver hadnt honked for a bit either, but she could still hear the truck driving next to them.The feeling continued to build though.She knew she was fighting a losing battle; as time and again she had to fight the urge to rub herself against the toy.But her hips just kept squirming forward, trying to maneuver the vibrator into a better position as if they had a mind of their own.
Without warning he pinched her nipple again, hard.A shudder raced up her back as her body arched in response.As she moved, her hips thrust forward and up slightly.This was enough to allow the vibrator to slip forward even more.As her hips came back down the tip of the vibrator was now pinned between the seat and the bottom of her pussy.Her body rocked as a spasm shook her.As she started to just give in and try to work the toy down further with her hips she remembered the trucker.She didnt know what to do.She had never had someone other than her partner watching her in this intimate a situation before.She wasnt sure which was exciting her more; the position of the vibrator, him teasing her while she was blindfolded, or being watched by a complete stranger.As embarrassed as she might be she couldnt help feeling incredibly turned-on by the whole thing.Was it just the truck driver watching her?Did he have a partner with him watching her also? Maybe he was even radioing his trucker buddies to tell them about her.The thought was starting to excite her the more she thought about it.She had never been an exhibitionist.But the thought of a stranger watching her wantonly striving to pleasure herself was becoming intoxicating. Trying not to be too obvious, but trying to position the vibrator into just the right position, she squirmed this way and that as the toy kept shifting.Just as she thought it almost where she wanted it, it would shift a little too much to one side or another.
Finally she decided she didnt care.There was nothing she could do about the trucker and she desperately needed release.She shifted her hips again more aggressively to try and get a better position on the vibrator.It shifted, finally sliding down enough to rest firmly below her pussy with the tip not that far from her sensitive bottom.Now she began to grind downward on the toy, trying to use the vibration to her advantage.She could feel her pussy getting wet and she was sure it was noticeable.Maybe not to the trucker, but noticeable none-the-less.Another light spasm raced through her body.She tried moving her hips ever so slightly.She wasnt sure if she could cum in this position, but she damn sure knew she was going to try.He wasnt touching her, but she was sure he wouldnt let her go too long before helping her over the edge.As her hips began to move back and forth, and from side to side she concentrated on the vibrator.It felt great, but it wasnt enough to send her over the edge yet.Again and again she rubbed her hips back and forth over the toy, but to no avail.The frustration was building.Harder and harder she ground herself onto the toy, but she still couldnt get the right position.She shifted her hips sideways to try and reposition the toy.It moved downward again slightly.This time its tip came to rest directly under her ass.Another shiver raced through her body as she came back down on the seat.Again she began to rub herself back and forth.Mashing down as hard as she could, a moan of frustration escaped her lips as she pressed harder into the seat.
Is there anything wrong, he asked.
The sound of his voice made her jump.I just cant get this thing where I want it, she panted.She couldnt believe she had just said that aloud, but he seemed to bring out something in her.She had never talked to her partner during sex before.
Would you like me to do something for you, he asked.
She took a deep breath as another shiver ran up her spine.Is there somewhere we can pullover, she breathed, off the road.
Well we still have a ways to go yet, but Im sure our friend over there would enjoy that very much. He said.
Yet another shiver raced through her as she thought about the trucker following them off the highway.As she began to imagine what would happen if the trucker did pull over with them she felt him touch her.His fingers softly glided over her panties, almost down to the vibrator, then stopped.Her breath quickened as one of his fingers began to trace the outline of her pussy lips.Up to her clit and then slowly back down to the vibrator.Again and again he continued to trace her lower lips.Up and down, with only the slightest of pressure.As her breathing got heavier her hips began to slowly rock in time with the movement of his finger.She was afraid to move too fast, because she knew she was being watched, but she needed more pressure against his finger.She wished they would pull over so he could give her more attention, but she didnt want the extra attention she might get from the stranger driving the truck beside them.She just needed his finger to press harder.
Suddenly she felt his finger entered her.As rush of passion raced up her body her hips lunged up on their own.His finger had only gone in as far as the entrance, just between her pussy lips, but had done so, panties and all.Her hips came completely off the seat trying to push his finger even deeper.And they stayed above the seat bucking several times before he removed his finger completely.
Hooonk, honk. She blushed deeply as she remembered the trucker watching her.She had been caught in a wanton act of desperate need.But the shame she should be feeling only served to fuel her inner fire.As she sat back down she realized the vibrator was gone.As she sat there catching her breath she heard the vibrator turn off.A few minutes passed before she felt it again, working its way along the wait band of her panties.Tracing back and forth until it finally slipped under the elastic band.She realized she had been holding her breath until that moment.As the toy slip under the elastic band it began moving in slow circles under her panties.Reaching all the down to the top of her pubic hair, then coming back up to the top of her panties.As the circles began to move deeper into her panties her breathing quickened.When the circles began to touch her clit her hips started to come up to meet the contact.Again and again her hips came up slightly to meet the toy as it passed over her sensitive clit.
Suddenly it stopped, right on top of her.Her hips held their slightly upraised position, quivering as she waited for the toy to continue its trek.As her hips began to lower the toy started to slide over her clit, following the line between her pussy lips.Again her hips raised up on their own as a massive shiver began to rock her body.The tip of the toy tilted downward as it followed her slit as the back end of it tilted outward stretching the waistband of her panties.
As the tip reached the middle of her pussy lips the whole thing tilted and the toy began to enter her.Now her hips came completely off the seat as her legs tightened and back straightened.As the toy continued to go up inside of her, the back end brought the waistband of her panties stretching down past her pussy, completely exposing her.A spasm rocked her body as she thrust upward toward the ceiling of the van.She held that position for several long moments until she heard the truck horn blaring again.
As she realized that the toy had entered her only so far and stopped she forced her body to relax.The truck horn sounded again, but she didnt care.She only wanted release now.She was so close that she would do anything to reach orgasm.She was beyond caring that the truck driver was watching her.Watching her hips move uncontrollably as she came closer and closer to fulfilling her sexual desire.
Before she could sit back down in the seat, she felt the base of the toy make contact.As her hips lowered it began to push farther up into her.Just as her ass cheeks started to make contact a bolt of electricity raced through her spine and her hips shot back up.Again and again she bucked, trying to bring on the orgasm she had been working toward.Again the truck horn sounded, and again she realized it was not enough to bring her sweet release.When her hips stopped bucking, she gained control of them again and carefully brought them back down to the seat.
But when she finally sat back down the toy slid up inside her another inch.As another spasm shot through her she fought to control her body.But slowly her hips continued to grind at the toy. She couldnt stand it any longer.She needed him to do something, anything, and do it now.
Please, she whispered, as her hips slowly rocked back and forth moving the toy ever so slightly.
Yes, he asked.
Please touch me, she whispered.She would do anything to have him touch her now.
As she tried to control her breathing she felt his hand on her stomach.It slid slowly up to her exposed breast and began to fondle her.Her hips began to rock a little faster as he rubbed her nipple.When he suddenly pinched, squeezed and twisted her nipple her hips came off the seat again.As she settled back down again his hand left her breast and began to slide its way down her body.As the tips of his fingers glided over her clit she almost begged him to leave them there.Softly they slid their way over her lips to stop at the base of her pussy, with two fingers resting on either side of the toy.As they rested there a moment he spoke.

Are you ready, he asked.
Yes, she said, as her breath came in ragged bursts.
Are you sure, he asked.
YES, she shouted!
Then enjoy, he said, as his fingers left her pussy and slid down to the base of the toy.She held her breath as she waited.
Suddenly her hip