Roxane the neighbor's daughter

Roxane the neighbor's daughter episode 1

it happened a few years ago I was doing a little tiling job for one of my neighbors, and one day he warns me that he has to be away for the day with his wife and that his daughter would be in college so he gives me the key to the house.

The next day I arrive around 9 am open the door with the key and walk towards the bathroom where I had to work and began to undress to change. It was then that I heard moans coming from the room next door.

surprised because I thought I was alone I approach the door of the room which was ajar in shirtless underpants and to my surprise I see the neighbor's daughter (roxane) naked on her bed masturbating.

I was careful not to make noise to be able to enjoy the show because this teenager had a body of crazy, magnificent breasts, a small shaved pussy, which she pounded with her fingers vigorously.

I started to caress myself on my panties but very quickly I took out my very hard cock to masturbate it strongly while watching her moan more and more. And then when I was not expecting it she saw me and motioned for me to join her.

I felt embarrassed that she saw me but the desire being stronger I went there and no one no two she takes my stiff cock and shoves it in her mouth to make me a phew fellatio.

Gifted girl for her age. i asked her to lie down and we did a 69 i was drinking her pussy elixir and she was pumping me pumping me hummmm. after a while we both came at the same time it was divine and that's when she told me that she knew that I was going to come, that she had cracked the lessons on purpose for me, that she had left the door ajar for me to come.

She asks me if she can take a shower before I start the tiling, I tell her yes and comes with her we were both naked and she settles in the tub. I tell her "you want to try something great" and she tells me what is it? well it's not complicated, I'm going to come with you in the bathtub and we're going to piss on each other you'll see it's great.

She replied that she did not know but that it was an opportunity to try. So we did it and we each drank the urine of the other she liked me too dailleur and we took a shower together, not failing to caress each other during this time.Shit it's already noon, I'll have to get to work. Here I did not want to penetrate her for her age but it was very good like that and we started again several times afterwards and she asks me each time at the end of the pissing session that she appreciates a lot .

Thank you Roxane

Roxane pisode 2

I am a fan of fishing and one day roxane the daughter of my neighbors for those who have not read the first episode, ask me if she could come with me in reality not to fish but rather for a new sexual experience.

So I tell her ok but ask her to manage to find an excuse with her parents but especially not to tell them that she was coming with me. So she did that and we ended up in a place we had agreed on before.Roxane arrived in a small pleated skirt and sleeveless white blouse, well indented so that in profile you could see her magnificent firm breasts. it gave me an idea to see it like that and we therefore set off in the direction of a wood that I knew far enough from home not to be recognized, and not We arrived and there are already several cars to park it excited me a lot. In fact it is a place where men, women or couples come either to show off or for a one-to-one sexual adventure or even more.

Roxane gets out of my car and having explained to her what this place was like, I began to open her blouse a little up to the middle of her stomach, take off her panties and pull up her pleated skirt, as they say. She was exhilarated to show off in front of strangers, it was the first time for her.

So we set off in the woodland path while touching her buttocks while walking, we saw a woman in her thirties squatting sucking 2 old guys, Roxane said look at me, her eyes were wide open and shining . Passing next to me I lift Roxane's skirt revealing her little shaved pussy, one of the 2 strangers tells me lucky

we were advancing in the woods and I put Roxane completely naked by putting her clothes in my little backpack. we stopped in a small clearing where there was grass and we lay there every 2 I stroked her and she began to take out my already very hard penis of my shorts to get me a blowjob from hell

during this time there 3 men a young of about twenty years one in the thirties and the other at least 70 years old approached us while masturbating and their eyes questioned me to know if they could participate and I their I said go ahead guys but gently please and I explain to Roxane that she was going to have to suck them all 3

She had a big smile which meant oh yesi especially that she did not let go of the look of the youngest who had a penis of 24 cms at first sight it is besides him that she sucked first and greedily then her alternated with the 3 each in turn. After a while, the three of them got on top of her, me too, and we all ejaculated on her face

and it is at this moment that the oldest about 70 years it fell and it started to lick his face full of semen he seemed to like it and a prioris Roxane too.

We took the way back to the car and during the way she told me that she had liked it and hoped that we would start again soon. Before arriving at our house I stopped in a small path and I made her lick her little pussy until she cums in my mouth it was so good. here for this time see you soon for new adventures

I smile at him thanking him and continuing my way with roxane who was starting to get seriously excited. not today I have something else in store for you but next time I promise.