How To Use Crystals: The Basics

It's likely that you've seen rows upon rows of sparkling items in our boutique, or browsed our online shop.

Yes, crystals. These sparkling gems have become ubiquitous, so much that they're not just reserved for the traditional, obscure metaphysical stores. Crystals can be found everywhere today and are utilized by everyone from yoga instructors to mamas to professionals who like to stay in a good mood during their work grind. Whenever you desire to learn detailed information on healing crystals, you have to browse around site.

Yet, despite their insertion into New Age culture, most of us are still pondering what these rocks really used to be used for? How can I make use of them? They are really healing?

This blog post explains precisely what I'm talking about. We'll dive deep into crystals and discover about their purpose. Let's face it, even those who own crystals may not know how they function.

If you're one of them: it's fine. The good news is that as we learn the workings of crystals and how to use them in a way that is effective, we can become more effective with the stones. When we go beyond what a quick google search says about each stone, we are able to increase our understanding of crystals and expand our knowledge.

The Basics: What is Crystal Healing?
Crystal healing is built on energy.

A variety of crystals and gemstones are formed by millions of years of heat and pressure. They are incredibly high in energy value. It takes a lot of energy to produce one crystal, and the the theory of crystal healing states that this powerful energy concentration is manifested in the crystal for all time.

Rewind: We are energy too. As crystals are and crystals, we are also made of energy. The energy imprint of a crystal affects us through interaction with our energy body . Our frequencies are in an exchange of information, in a way. Similar to how a crystal breaks down light into a variety of colors crystals receive and reflect our energy. And each crystal has a distinct method for doing this.

Frequency is another method to explain this. Each crystal has a frequency and each of us has the same frequency. Waves combine with one another by performing different functions. It can be felt on the physical level of our bodies as well as in the emotional and mental levels of our minds.

This is the part we all hate to be told, but it's what it really is. Can crystal healing be effective? It's not.

This is the case for most alternative healing techniques. Yet, there are tons of accounts from people having direct healing experiences from crystals. Whether it's a placebo effect or a functional level that science isn't able to comprehend, or complete bananas, is up for us all to determine.

Many kinds of alternative healing methods, like crystals, have been used for many thousands of years. It is worth considering that science has just recently discovered the knowledge that ancient civilizations had for many centuries. While science is an important aspect of our lives but there are different ways to approach health if we decide to go with.

We have to say at the most basic level: working with healing crystals is more enjoyable and a lot more purposeful than working without crystals. Please excuse us as we choose for pleasure and health.

How to Use Crystals: Choose the best crystal
Ever wondered the reason Rose Quartz is supportive of opening the heart, and Fluorite is a symbol of intuition? How does each crystal get its own personality? That was something we have always wondered about...

Each crystal is unique as it is made from different materials and has its own energetic blueprint. This blueprint vibrates at a frequency (measured as Hertz) which corresponds to a particular quality of human existence.