How To Describe Perfumes Better

Everyone likes wearing perfume, not only they have beautiful perfume box packaging, but also the scent will make you feel better. Sensory perception is a very subjective thing. Different people may have a different subjective understanding of the same perfume.聽So the question is, how to describe the flavor of perfume more objectively and accurately?

How To Describe Perfumes Better

There are 9 sides. You can freely describe the perfume through different aspects so that your description becomes more specific and specific. For example, you feel that the smell of this perfume is like your dog's hair just after taking a bath. He may think this is the smell of bed sheets that his grandmother had just changed.

1. Plant level (which plants remind you of this perfume?) : slightly rose? Lavender like / linalool acetate? Woody? Just right citrus? Spice (like star anise)? Reminds you of mint? Minty / coniferous?

2. Animal level (does this perfume remind you of the feeling of animal fur?): leathery (imagine burying your head in a leather sofa or car leather seat), capric (do you have the smell of a coquettish animal?)

3. Odor source level (what kind of substance do you think of?): soapy (for example, you think it smells like greasy soap), smoky (reminds you of dad's second-hand smoke)

4. Geographical location (what kind of environment does this smell like?) Is it forest, soil or ocean

5. Color (reminds you of that color?) : it smells green (green, which reminds you of the juice of plants tearing leaves / cutting grass), it smells like white flowers (white flower concept, like jasmine / lily of the valley / Gardenia), and it reminds you of red fruits (red berry concept, all kinds of berries)

6. At the behavioral level (assuming that the smell is alive, what is it like)? : aggressive (more volatile), friendly and soft (mild, round, overall not abrupt) physical texture level (if the taste has substance, what does it feel like?) Does the taste feel soft? Or does it smell like you want to bury your head in the dry powder of prickly heat?

7. Chemical level (what chemical do you associate with? Chemical/flavoring knowledge may be required: it smells like crude synthetic fruit (aldehyde ester), rotten eggs / hot spring sulfur (sulfur), phenol, aldehyde, coumarin, etc

8. From the cultural level, as everyone knows, perfume is a long history. So a perfume can smell very old and traditional (traditional, such as very old citrus/flower fragrance formula), and also modern and modern (modern, for example, many new elements). In other aspects, the overall feeling can be exotic, chic and elegant