My name is Mark C. Dehart.

My name is Mark C. Dehart. What is my favorite thing? My birthdays. No matter how old I am, I will always be a child on that particular day. My parents would always greet me at the start of each day when I was just a kid. Dad would always hold me close and utter a few sweet words of encouragement for the upcoming year. All his affection, tenderness, and fatherly affection showed right there. I didn't require the additional attention all through the year. It's just on my birthday when I could, and still do, feel small.

 I love my parents extremely deeply, and my dad has been an example to me. What do my parents look like? It's not necessary to say "my dad is the strongest and prettiest". This is already evident to everyone. My father's looks are common. He's medium in height and has a short cropped hairstyle, his hairstyle that he has from the army and has brown eyes with a dark undertone. It's not just the color of his eyes, the shape of them but the expression with which they look at you that is important. Sometimes, my father stares at me with such a harsh expression that I feel like hiding and not showing up. Sometimes , there's a jolly chuckle in his eyes or a hint of busyness and eagerness. It's even hard to explain the expressiveness of my dad's eyes. A thing I can tell you is I am extremely happy that I was blessed with his eyes.

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