Canon Printer in Error State: Causes and Fixing is a versatile printer that manages to perform multiple functions for the users. It works efficiently on every use and produces printouts as per the requirement. However, equipped with plenty of features to ease the printing and scanning of documents for us, the Canon printer may sometimes fall apart in performing the desired tasks due to its improper functioning or technical faults.

One such fault in the Canon printer, namely “Canon Printer in Error State”, occurs due to some of the following causes:

·         Drivers installed incorrectly.

·         Incompatible drivers installed for your printer models.

·         Issues in the network connectivity.

·         Inappropriate and loose cables connected to devices.


How to fix Canon Printer in Error State issue?

Step 1: Check the connections

·         Firstly, check for the proper connection between your printer and a system.

·         Confirm there is no problem with the wireless network or the USB cable.

·         Tighten the loose connections.

·         Try a test print before continuing with further steps.

Step 2: Restart your PC and printer.

·         Shut down your PC and turn off your printer for a while and restart both the devices. Restarting a system may sometimes turn out to be the ultimate solution to any device issue.

·         Having restarted both devices, check for the error, whether fixed or not.

Step 3: Update or reinstall your printer driver

Sometimes Canon Printer in Error State issue may have resulted from the incomplete driver installation on your system. You can consider reinstalling the drivers to get the problem fixed. To do so:

·         Visit the https://ij.start.cannon website.

·         Check out drivers and software for your Canon printer model.

·         Then, click on the Download button.

·         Install the .exe file on Windows and .dmg file on your Mac.

·         Open the downloaded file and follow the prompts on the screen.

·         Once the drivers are installed successfully, click on Finish to end the installation process.

·         Now, restart your printer and system and start printing.



For info visit-  http://ij.start.cannon | https //ij.start.cannonij.start canon | Canon IJ Print Utility