Tips and trick play run 3

Game run 3 is an addicting running game in which you control an Alien who must race through infinite tunnels. Concentrate on the platforms, stay away from the depths, and see how far you can get.

There's a whole new galaxy out there just waiting to be discovered! To sprint and leap through the space tunnels, use the arrow keys. As you go around the environment, use the left and right arrow keys to rotate it.

You may play run 3 in two modes: Explore Mode and Infinite Mode. Choose Explore Mode to add new levels to your Galaxy Map. The Runner will meet a variety of new tunnels and places, as well as some familiar faces!

Choose Infinite Mode for an infinite run. In this form, power cells are dispersed throughout the tunnels. You'll have to keep an eye on your stride, though. It's game over if you fall out of the tube in Infinite Mode. You may utilize power cells to switch characters and continue your run. 

Tips and tricks: 

New aliens mean new gimmicks. As you go through the stages, you will unlock nine different characters. You can unlock new characters straight immediately if you store up enough power cells. Each alien has a unique set of abilities that will aid you in your exploration of the cosmos. If you are trapped in a particularly difficult tunnel, consider switching to a different character. The Skater, for example, will perform better on snow levels!


Keep your leaps under control. The longer you keep the up arrow key pressed, the higher and longer your leap will be. Tap the up arrow to perform a tiny jump across platforms with a little gap between them. This method might assist you in avoiding overshooting your landing.


Take a look forward. Concentrate on the platforms just front of your character. Make a mental note of all of the tunnel's distinct sides as you plan your upcoming leaps. This should help you figure out which way to turn the tunnels so your character has enough room to run.


There is no limit to how much you can practice. Infinite Mode is fantastic for gathering power cells and unlocking characters, but it may also be used for practice. Try a couple passes through the unlimited tunnels if you're stuck on a level on the galaxy map. The tunnels will vary from time to time, so you'll get a good sense of the various difficulties.