How Can Problem-Solving Therapy Help?

In other words, the focus is on outcomes. They both thought about tomorrow and wanted to see what it was like. The therapist then works with them to decide what action to take to bring that future happiness. There are many advantages over traditional marriage counseling.

We Can Do It

This form of therapy focuses on the positive rather than the negative. Traditionally, we look at weaknesses and pitfalls. Negative thinking only causes more negative thinking. Always looking at your weaknesses can help. But it can also pemf therapy the problem and destroy your self-confidence. This kind of thinking often leads to "swallowing up" and feeling that the problem is unsolvable.

On the other hand, focusing your positivity on outcome-based therapy will help build confidence and show your partner a way out of the current situation. An optimistic view of your marriage and yourself is the first step in solving your problem.

Blame Game

How does the older method focus on today's problems that are evolving? In other words, how did we get to this point? Although this method is effective in solving current problems. But it can have unfortunate side effects. which we call the "blame game". The accusation game is a killer for almost all relationships. We start blaming others for everything that happens. And it went downhill from there.

Most couples go to a therapist when things are not good already With problems that have dragged on for a long time, there are many penalties. Problem-solving-based counseling will help eliminate any blaming each other. make a break The focus is on the future and what can be done to make it right.

Keep Track of Small Changes

Solving marriage problems seems like an overwhelming problem. It's too much to pick up at once. A problem-solving approach looks at small changes, and how each small change will affect a larger one. Instead of trying to fix the whole marriage, We look at how small adjustments will be made in the future and what the outcome will be. The therapist will often ask you what bothers you about your partner's behavior or attitude. And what are the small changes that could improve it? Not only does this treatment approach provide immediate results. But it also shows that the change is not that difficult.

Problem-solving-based marriage counseling looks to the future instead of dwelling on the past. Small changes every day can solve your problem. And the time you spend together will be happy and complete. Psychology articles as they should be.