Tips for Buying a additional Car at the end of the Year

Year-end moments are always synonymous subsequent to promo offers
Almost every products, including cars. Discounts given
It can be unconditionally significant. have tips to consider.
People plan to purchase a new car by the end of the year.

First, determine the budget to be used to buy
car. Second, complete some research to make definite the vehicle
desired in accordance like the budget that has been set. Third, know very well.
the cost of maintaining the car that will be incurred, because basically every
The vehicle has a budget.
Different maintenance.

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"Last but most importantly, the car must be
provided subsequently insurance protection,as a form of
risk easing to avoid immediate expenses in the future.
By having car insurance,the car owner will
get tutelage because in imitation of there is a risk that befalls the vehicle,
The cost will be borne by the insurance," said director
Ziko Goi in Jakarta, Wednesday (12/15/2021).

Ziko added, specifically for year-end promos,
give double discounts. Vehicle owners can save in the works to 40 percent.
purchase of vehicle insurance from the company
Simas Insurtech, Etiqa and Artarindo insurance. Even forSell Any Car Dubaiof insurance.
Vehicles from Staco Mandiri, vehicle owners can keep occurring to 50 percent.

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"With a special discount complex this year, we are operating to
to make the community more practical insured to get
Protection. Vehicle owners can rapidly check and purchase insurance.
This vehicle is in This promo starts from the 15th.
December to December 25, 2021," Ziko said.

During the promo period, special discounts are not unaided unqualified to
vehicle insurance, but as well as property insurance and travel insurance. There is a discount of 15 percent and cashback of 10 percent for
Property insurance from Simas Insurtech, Etiqa, Artarindo and Staco Mandiri.
Lastly, there is a 15 percent discount and cashback.
10 percent for travel insurance products from Tokio Marine and Zurich.