8 Ways To Say Thank You To Your Groomsmen

There’s more to being a groomsman than donning a handsome attire, helping usher guests, and coolly striking a pose with the man of the hour during his wedding day photoshoots. Groomsmen, essentially, are attendants to the groom. They help plan the bachelor party, show to several pre-wedding events, and help the groom decide on various things (like his suit). This is why it’s part of the wedding tradition in many countries to express their thanks by giving unique groomsmen gifts.

In this article, we’re giving you eight ideas on how you can show your appreciation to your dashing groomsmen.

Verbalize your gratitude. Oftentimes, the simplest is also the sincerest. While giving unique groomsmen gifts is incontestably a great idea, this act is best paired by saying "thank you" verbally. Keep in mind that these guys are allotting their time and energy to help you out, so even a simple word of thanks now and then can already go a long way.

Keep them posted. Different things need to be done in preparation for your big day. And your groomsmen are the very people that you can rely on to help you accomplish such things. As a way of showing you respect their role and you appreciate them taking on that role, you should keep them posted about the schedule of pre-wedding activities and events.

Ask their opinions. You’re tapping someone to be your groomsman because you trust them. Apart from making sure that they know all the relevant details for your wedding, you should also pay attention to their opinions and things that they’re suggesting.

Give them a functional token of appreciation. Men love practical things. So if you’re looking for unique groomsmen gifts that remain functional, opting for personalized presents like money clips, golf bag tags, cigar holders, whiskey decanters, man cave signs, and even poker sets is certainly a wise move.

Send a thank-you note. Saying "thank you" is one thing. Writing it down, together with a brief yet meaningful message about how you appreciate the things they’ve done to help you pull off a memorable wedding day is another. A thank-you note may just be a seemingly simple card, but it’s a tangible thing that they can preserve and use to spark memories of your wedding day.

Invite them for a guy’s night out. Your groomsmen have their own things to deal with in their personal and professional life. They may also be living in different states. As your wedding season could be one of the rare times that all of you will be gathered together, why not take this opportunity to spend a night out exclusively for you and your groomsmen?

Better yet, take them on a trip. If you have the budget, you can also use this time to take them out on a road trip or a simple vacation in a nearby private resort.

Do something fun together. Apart from giving gifts and thank-you notes, one of the best ways of showing your appreciation to them is by creating new fun memories together. Are you all fans of surfing? Then head on to a nearby beach and surf your stresses away. Or it can also be as simple as having a pool party at home complete with barbecue and some beverages.