Kibo Eclipse Training Program

What is Kibo Eclipse?

The Kibo Eclipse is an 8-week online training programme that includes a variety of components that will help you thrive in online business. It includes shortcuts, a dependable support system, a functional community, traffic sessions, and live online events in addition to the programme.

Individuals are encouraged to create an online store by showcasing products from diverse categories, driving traffic, and identifying winning products. The next phase is to scale the profitable items while removing the non-profitable ones, and then repeat the process.


As you establish your brand, the above procedure runs in the background. The concept came from a well-known Japanese shop. This model is a higher-level version of the ideal system, incorporating the dropshipping approach.

Components of Kibo Eclipse Program

  • Kibo Incubator
  • Kibo JumpStart is a game developed by Kibo.
  • Kibo Oracle Kibo HQ
  • Kibo Translators
  • Kibo Socializer is a game developed by Kibo.
  • Accelerators Kibo
  • MentorPoint Kibo