The Rich Muslim Community has an increasing influence on the fashion industry

The rich Muslim community has an increasing influence on the fashion industry. The most luxurious brands and more and more fashion designers are engaged in designing typical clothes. Well-known Czech designer Blanka Matragi has had her clients from "high society" in the Middle East for years, dressing sisters, wives and daughters of kings, sheikhs and emirs from the Persian Gulf countries. Celebrity Polish designer Sylwia Romaniukov谩 also found a lot of customers in Arab countries. She presented her works two years ago at Dubai Fashion Week, today she has her shop in the City Walk 2 shopping center.

Islamic dress code

In general, in Islamic clothing, a woman is covered from the head to the toes. When he leaves the house, he has to cover himself even more. Most often she wears abaya, reminiscent of loose clothes. In the clothes covering her from the neck to the knees, a woman can only show herself to the man from the immediate family - father, grandfather, brother, father-in-law, uncle, son - and, of course, women.

Wrapped, translucent and expensive

Middle Eastern women only seem to dress modestly. They love ostentation, femininity in the wardrobe, they dress in tight and translucent clothes. But in such a "release," they appear only to their husbands and other wives, for example during weddings that celebrate each sex separately in this culture. Arabs then have the opportunity to put down abaya, uncover their hair and show their girlfriends or cousins 鈥嬧媐rom the most beautiful side. Until the end of the wedding, they cover up again so that the groom can join them. Arab women organize their own celebrations and clothing is a key element of good entertainment for them at the time. Arab women are very good at fashion and are also very demanding on the quality of clothing.

"They want to ligate, they love haute couture, precious stones and luxury accessories. They have incredibly beautiful clothes under the black abayas, "adds designer. The more the dress is ligated, the better. These preferences stem from the culture in which they are brought up. It starts with patterned and richly decorated interiors of houses and continues with dresses with ornaments to rough make-up and heavy perfumes. It is a culture that is very far from simplicity and economy even in fashion and design.