Yahoo Mail Change Password Method Explained

When people say, “What is Yahoo account recovery method”, they usually mean, how to recover the Yahoo forgotten password. However, there might be many other reasons behind being not able to get access to the Yahoo account. Poor internet connection, server down, incorrect SMTP settings, and temporary ban in response to violating policies are some of the common reasons that lead to losing access to Yahoo email accounts. But, among all possible reasons, forgetting the Yahoo email password is one of the most common. Therefore, you must learn how to change Yahoo forgotten password if you don’t know.  


The method of resetting the Yahoo forgotten password is not complex. In fact, it’s rather simple. You don’t need to worry at all as long as you have access to your Yahoo password recovery phone number or email. Why? Because Yahoo sends a secret code to the registered phone number of the account holder to verify the identity. In case of no access to the registered phone number, Yahoo lets the users receive code on registered alternative email id for account recovery. You can choose any of the two options. The following section will give you more information.


How to change Yahoo mail password on desktop?

Before we proceed, let me clear one important thing. Don’t get confused by the subheading of this section. Not only on the desktop but also can you change your Yahoo forgotten password on your phone. Yahoo sign-in helper is available on the phone as well as desktop. The fact is, the process to change the Yahoo password is almost the same. Whether you are using iPhone, Android, or desktop; you will find a forgotten password tab on all devices. These are the exact steps to follow to change your password using a desktop computer:


  • Navigate to the Yahoo login window.

  • Click the forgot password.

  • Enter your Yahoo email id and then select the “Next” tab.

  • Now Yahoo will ask you to choose the method of password recovery.

  • Either you can enter your registered phone number or email id.

  • After that, you will receive a code that you need to enter to verify your identity.

  • Upon successful verification, Yahoo will expose you to the password resetting screen.

  • Now create your new Yahoo password.

  • Make sure you create an easy to remember but difficult-to-guess password.


Reset Yahoo password without recovery email

Not an issue if you don’t have access to your Yahoo recovery phone number. Let’s not forget what I have told you in the last section. Yahoo password recovery method involves using any one of the two things. Either you can use your recovery phone number or email. In case you don’t have access to your recovery email id then consider using your recovery phone number. By that I mean, enter your Yahoo recovery phone number in the given field. Further, you will receive a code that you will require to enter into the given section. Once you confirm your identity, Yahoo will allow you to change the password.


Yahoo mail password recovery without phone number and recovery email

Well, here comes the critical situation. As of now, Yahoo has put in place only two methods to change passwords. The first method involves using a recovery phone number and the second using a recovery email id. In case you don’t have access to either of the things then, sadly, you can’t change your Yahoo forgotten password. Moreover, if someone tells you that you can recover your Yahoo account without a phone number and recovery email then run away as he/she might be a scammer in a chance to make you a fool. If there is someone who can really help you that is Yahoo customer service. Experts available at Yahoo support are more knowledgeable than anyone else. So, contact them and get precise help instead of searching for help on Google.


In Conclusion

So, that was all about how to change Yahoo forgotten password. If you stick to the above-mentioned guidelines, I am sure; you will not have any kind of problem. Forgetting passwords is quite a common but frustrating problem. To avoid this frustrating problem, you can use the Yahoo password recovery tool.