Five signs in your chart that indicate the end of a RELATIONSHIP

1. Neptune-Venus in hard aspects or Neptune transit ASC DSC
slow moving relationship killer.
You might discover that Neptune is showing you that the person in question is not who you think they are when the planet is retrograde in Venus.find your fate horoscopemight feel a little cheated when the Neptune transit ends. Or the relationship dissolves and you are all alone again.
Neptune crossing the ASC and DSC lines can be felt differently. You may feel disillusioned about the direction of your life after a relationship ends. You may feel confused about your life and how you are living it. The end of the relationship It does not have to be romantic, may foreshadow the death of someone close to us
2.Uranus aspects can throw your relationship ship into disarray
Uranus the most fearsome of all celestial bodies square Venus, Moon ASC/DSC
Uranus travels slowly and takes 84 years to complete your chart. The transits I will discuss with Uranus usually take a few years.
A transiting Uranus that is in a square or conjunction with a person's Venus or ASC/DSC lines can bring about unexpected, sometimes unforeseen changes in a relationship. You may feel the need for more space if you have been in a relationship for a while. However, it may also be that your partner wants more freedom. If you have had issues in your relationship that you have neglected, a Uranus transit could be the catalyst to end them. It's as if Uranus helps you see the situation clearly and prompts you to make a quick decision.
3.Jupiter transiting through the houses of destruction 8th and 12th.
Jupiter moving through the eighth house can either cause you to become closer to an accomplice, or it can cause a relationship that is not quite right to end one way or another.
Jupiter moving through the twelfth house regularly brings a misfortune, in terms of a prolonged period of time when you invest a lot of energy alone, much like a loner. Also, when there is a breakup, every now and then there is a severe misfortune, similar to when a person close to you dies. You learn a lot about giving up and relinquishing control over a lot of things in your daily life, so a breakup could be one of those misfortunes. If that is not the case, you may simply need space to be without another person as your partner in crime.
Jupiter in the twelfth also regularly triggers a variety of feelings, and you might feel that each one is amplified. So in the event that you are with somebody when Jupiter moves into your twelfth house, a great deal of suppressed feelings could surface. If you are single during a Jupiter trip in the twelfth house, you probably will not have much karma. It's wiser to wait a few months and try again once Jupiter has moved across your Ascendant line into your first house.
4.Saturn square to Moon or Venus
Saturn, the wise man, was involved in a relationship?
This is a disaster.

The transit of Saturn to Venus or Moon can prove very difficult. Saturn can cause feelings of separation and distance.birth chart personality analysisand Moon are about getting to know people better and building a relationship with them. You may feel isolated when transiting Saturn arrives and forms a conjunction, square, opposition, or opposition to your Moon or Venus, or squares the ASC/DSC lines. You may feel less connected to your partner if you are experiencing a lot of stress in your relationship. Sometimes relationship stress can become too much and lead to a breakup
5.When the Shadows Come (Eclipse) in the 8th and 12th Houses
When the solar and lunar energies fail
The second and eighth houses in your chart generally have to do with money and what you value. Be that as it may, the eighth house likewise represents closeness and critical self changes in your life. So when a Moon or Sun overshadow( Eclipse ) falls in a person's eighth house, there is a period when the person needs to change themselves to make things better, and perhaps develop a stronger interest in personal growth, such as seeking treatment or separating from a person or thing that is a source of pessimistic energy for them.

In my opinion, these 5 signals indicate that a relationship is coming to an end.
Some other astrologers believe that the 11th and 1st houses can indicate a broken relationship that is about to fail, but I personally never use them.