What Does 550 Mean in Paracord?


Paracord rope, commonly known as parachute cord, was initially used in the suspension lines of parachutes and is now available from RW Rope. Since its inception, Paracord 550 has evolved into a versatile general-purpose utility rope used by a wide range of individuals for various purposes. If you're having trouble finding the right paracord for your needs, use our 550 paracords (also known as parachute cord) to sort through our large selection of paracord types and colors. 550 paracord (also known as parachute cord) is an extremely strong, lightweight, and versatile cord originally designed for military parachute use.There are three varieties of dynamic ropes: single, half, and twin. In most circumstances, only a SINGLE ROPE is required. The climber ties into both ropes, and the belayer runs both through their belay device when climbing on half ropes. The ropes are clipped utilizing the double-rope technique, in which the climber clips both ropes at the same time. For further information, please visit our website;