Polyetheramine Market Regional Trade, Company Profile Analysis, Business Strategies and Competition Analysis 2021-2027

Polyetheramine are restoring specialists including essential amino gatherings connected to polyethers, in view of mixtures, for example, ethylene oxide, propylene oxide or a combination of both. Polyetheramine is incredibly adaptable in nature, having the capacity to expand adaptability, sturdiness, hydrophilicity or hydrophobicity (contingent upon the item utilized), they additionally offer different reactivity, great temperature strong qualities, are basically dreary and have a low thickness.

Polyetheramines offer benefits over other amine-based items, for example, lower poisonousness and diminished propensity to stain, Polyetheramine are accessible in dismal fluid structures and have a smell like amines. This compound tracks down a wide scope of utilization in the coatings business. It is utilized in the development of polyurea covering advancements, color details, and epoxy applications. It is additionally utilized in the hot liquefy glues, sealants, and designing composites.

ChemIntel360’s global Polyetheramine market study is a 150 slide report containing in-depth analysis on historical and forecasted spending and consumption patterns in the sector. We offer granular value and volume data from a global, regional, and applications industry perspective. The industry is valued at US$ 0.8 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.6% mainly due to increasing consumption of Polyetheramine in the production of epoxy coatings, the demand for which is supported by the growth of construction industries.

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Covid Impact

The global pandemic had a ruinous effect on the Polyetheramines market as shutdowns across all economies, as plant shutdowns, led to a steep decline in demand across industry sectors. In addition, spread of Covid led to supply chain constraints and the consequent weakening in global manufacturing activity.

The temporary shutdown of key production plants throughout the globe negatively impacted production of the chemical. Furthermore, travel advisory bans in key markets obstructed partnerships between the market players.


The growing number of construction and infrastructures projects across the globe would act as the key driver for the polyetheramine market. The increasing usage of polyetheramine in building and construction sector can be attributed to its robust fatigue tolerance, durability, and wear resistance. They are also extensively utilized as epoxy coatings in construction sector as these coatings aids in sealing the surface of concrete and prevents the rapid loss of moisture.


As the broad array of molecular weights and varying amine functionality of polyetheramines are available, it provides ample opportunities for the market players to develop new variations for different applications. The growth in the wind energy sector is projected to enhance the demand for the chemicals, thereby boosting growth of this market.


The polyetheramine-derived products do not display strong ultraviolet light stability. This instability can be attributed to the absence of chromophores and presence of amine groups. The amine group present in polyetheramine gets oxidized in presence of sunlight. Due to this process, the amine is converted into nitro group, turning the surface pale yellow. Thus, they are not utilized in white automotive coatings. These factors hinder the use of polyetheramine derived coatings in luxury vehicles.


The key trend observed in the market is the growing usage of polyetheramine in the form of additive for enhancing the characteristic of the composites used in wind turbine blades.

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Key Companies

The key companies operating in this market are BASF SE, Huntsman Corporation, Yangzhou Chenhua New Materials Company Ltd, IRO Group Inc., Clariant, Wuxi Acryl Technology Co. Ltd., Zibo DexinLianbang Chemical Industry Company Ltd, and Yantai Minsheng Chemicals Company, Ltd.

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