1 Crat Black Moissanite Round Cut Loose Diamond

 Ordinary diamonds can range from hundreds of thousands to over a million, depending on the grade! Black diamonds are, of course, real diamonds, so the faceted surface is shiny and mirror-like. This black diamond has no scratches on the surface and is very clean.

here is a slight blemish (scratch on the surface) on the upper part of the girdle when viewed with a loupe. Recently, black diamonds have become popular in jewelry such as rings and pendants.

In the olden days, black diamonds were hematite, and black diamonds were rarely used in jewelry. Today, most black diamonds are irradiated and heat treated. This black diamond is also heat-treated, but there is no need to worry about fading.

  Please note that synthetic black moissanite, black cubic zirconia, etc. are on the market recently. Grade A round black shiny cut moissanite can be used to make jewelry, etc. 2.10-carat black moissanite stone, 0.335 x 0.335 in. Diamond and moissanite maintain their clarity and brilliance throughout life. Moissanite is the best replacement for a real diamond, but it is brighter, brighter than a real diamond.

Perfect for: jewelry making, goldsmiths, designers, collectors, or a gift for someone special. It can be used as jewelry accessories like a moissanite diamond engagement ring, necklace, and earrings. Each moissanite stone comes with a certificate of authenticity that can be found on the EGL website. All our moissanite stones come with a box, better for the presentation and protection of the stone. If there is something wrong with our product, please leave us a message, we strive to solve all problems for you with high satisfaction

? So you can visit GemistoneIN on Etsy, there you will find everything from 1 Carat Black Diamond to your need. You cannot compare the weight of a black carat with a white diamond, given the fact that black is denser.