Buy registered Italian permanent residence documents online

Buy registered Italian permanent residence documents online. The Italian residence permit (Italian: Permesso di soggiorno) is a document required by non-EU nationals and valid for a limited period of time. There are several types of residence permit cards and most can be renewed. They can be issued for the first 5 years of residence in Italy. Obtaining a residence permit in Italy is a very interesting destination for entrepreneurs and individuals who want to have free access to the EU. In the last few years it has become increasingly difficult for non-EU individuals (especially from certain jurisdictions in Asia, from India, Iran, and the Middle-East) to obtain entry visas and residence permits in the EU. However, foreign peoples can still apply for Italian residence permits if they comply with certain regulations. We can offer our clients several ways to obtain a resident permit in Italy.

The following types of residence permits can be registered:

  • Residence permit for adoption;
  • Residence permit for waiting occupation;
  • Residence permit for expected repurchase citizenship;
  • Residence permit for political renewal;
  • Residence card for foreigners;
  • Residence permit for family reasons;
  • Residence permit for self-employment;
  • Residence permit for subordinate work;
  • Residence permit for scientific research;
  • Residence permit for study;
  • Residence permit for professional training Internship;
  • Residence permit for tourism.
We'll provide the Italian residence card, Italian VISA, health insurance card(Tessera Sanitaria), Tax card(Codice fiscale) and Italian driver's license (if required).

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