Burn Boost Reviews – Gold Vida Supplement Is It Worth The Money? [Legit or Fake?]

Burn Boost dietary supplement is formulated by Matt Stirling to support weight management and metabolism. The supplement uses a blend of natural ingredients to deliver its functions. However, the million-dollar question is, is Burn Boost legit, and is it worth the money?


Gold Vida Burn Boost is a weight loss supplement formulated to support and enhance metabolic functions, allowing the body to burn fat naturally and effectively. The weight loss supplement functions quite uniquely to other weight loss and fat burning supplement.


For one, it tackles the root cause of poor metabolic function, reversing any damages done to the body, and unlocking the body’s full fat-burning potential. Furthermore, the Burn Boost supplement work quite effectively on their own without pairing them with any external add-ons.


This means that you don’t have to go on a strict diet or adopt a demanding cardio workout routine for optimal fat burning and weight management. The Gold Vida Burn Boost offers an effortless way to lose weight without dieting or exercising.


You can also find out everything there is to know about Gold Vida Burn Boost on these in-depth reviews below;

What Is Burn Boost?

Gold Vida Burn Boost is a weight loss formula that automatically restores the body’s calorie-burning mechanism. Combining a blend of natural, plant-based ingredients, the Burn Boost supplement delivers high fat burning and weight shedding potency. In fact, according to the official site, the Burn Boost is powerful enough to melt away up to 66 lbs of raw, heart-clogging fat in just a few weeks.

Unlike other supplement, you needn’t pair Burn Boost with any strict diets or demanding cardio routines. Yet, you will be impressed with the results gained in just a few weeks of using the supplement. In addition to its effective metabolism boosting and weight shedding functions, Burn Boost comes with a host of other benefits. These include;

  • Hydrating the body


  • Promoting brain health and cognition


  • Fueling the body with adequate energy


  • Ridding the body of massive toxins

  • Supporting cellular health


  • Shielding you from diseases, such as hypertension and diabetes

Moreover, unlike other weight loss supplement, Gold Vida Burn Boost comes in powder form and is packed in a jar to last you up to 30 days. The powder form helps to increase the supplement’s bioavailability, in turn, increasing the absorption rate of its nutrients. In translation, this means that the Burn Boost supplement begins to work immediately upon consumption as the body quickly absorbs it.

Burn Boost comes in powder form filled in a tin to last you a month. The powder form is intentionally chosen to make it easier to consume the supplement, by mixing them with a favorite non-alcoholic drink of choice. Additionally, the powder form increases the bioavailability and surface area of the supplement, allowing fast absorption and effects. then Burn Boost may be the right choice for you.

The Story Behind Gold Vida Burn Boost

Burn Boost was created by Matt Stirling, a health graduate of the Ontario-based Fanshawe College. The health and fitness specialist currently practices in London, Ontario, Canada, and traces his one-person created formula to principles that originate from his wife’s Native of Ecuador.

According to Matt, he based his formula and ingredients on his wife’s grandmother whose village had solved the weight gain problem. Using herbs and plant extracts sourced from Ecuador, Matt was able to research and come up with the formula.

What Does Burn Boost Do?

Burn Boost uses a simple process called lipolysis to function. Lipolysis simply refers to the process of breaking down stored body fat into usable fat, similar to ketosis. The nutrient blend that makes Gold Vida Burn Boost supplement triggers the body to kickstart the lipolysis process, ultimately, increasing the fat-burning process and producing energy as a byproduct.

The energy produced by the usable fat is used to fuel up the body throughout the day, curbing fatigue and hunger cravings. On the other hand, the increased fat burning fate facilitates faster fat shedding and weight loss.

What makes the lipolysis triggering process unique in Burn Boost is that the body cannot do so with just a healthy diet and exercise alone. The fine-tuned and proprietary formula used in making Burn Boost is what gives the supplement this ability.

What is Lipolysis?

As mentioned above, lipolysis refers to the process of transforming stored body fat into usable fat. According to a Biochemistry book by Edwards and Mohioudin, lipolysis refers to a metabolic process through which triacylglycerols (TAGs) are broken down via hydrolysis to their constituent molecules, i.e. glycerol and free fatty acids. Fat stored in the body is done so in the form of adipose TAG, thus, during metabolism, the constituent molecules are used for heat, energy, and insulation.

In a normal state, this only happens during starvation or long periods without food, which can also be dangerous. The amount of time a person can survive through lipolysis depends on how much storage adipose fat they have. So, staying long periods without eating to lose weight will only do damage rather than help.

Sure, it will help you lose weight, but you will end up with other underlying issues, the primary one being low blood sugar and blood pressure levels. On the other hand, a healthy diet and exercise alone will kickstart lipolysis. However, using the proprietary Burn Boost formula activates lipolysis without causing any health concerns. In fact, it does the opposite.

Ultimately, sticking to a healthy diet and exercise will do good for the body. However, the two are not key factors to helping you lose weight when using Burn Boost.

Burn Boost Ingredients

Burn Boost is formulated using four key blends and a host of other supporting nutrients. Here’s a full list of Burn Boost ingredients;

Recovery component: Each Burn Boost serving contains about 2,905 milligrams of e recovery blend and includes L-glutamine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine, L-Leucine, and Coenzyme Q10. Each ingredient in the recovery blend comes with its benefits. For example, Coenzyme Q10 supports heart health and healthy blood sugar levels, while L-glutamine promotes protein synthesis, gut function, and immune health. However, the collective blend offers;

  • Serving as amino acids and building blocks for protein in the body

  • Enhancing the circulation of free fatty acids after the fat metabolizing process

  • Activating lipolysis in the body

  • Reducing inflammation

  • Tackling hunger cravings

  • Supporting healthy weight loss

  • Delivering a potent dose of antioxidants

Cognitive blend: Each Burn Boost serving contains about 2,600 milligrams of the cognitive blend and includes ginkgo Biloba, alpha GPC, L-Theanine, and Huperzine A. some of the key functions of the cognitive blend include;

  • Improving brain health and cognitive function

  • Promoting faster learning and memory retention

  • Improving vitality and endurance

  • Easing mild cognitive impairment and tackling symptoms of conditions, such as Alzheimer’s

Energy blend: 

Each serving of Burn Boost contains 2,600 milligrams of the energy blend and includes L-Taurine, Panax ginseng, natural caffeine, and Guarana Extract powder. Here are the key functions of the energy blend;

  • Promoting fat burning and metabolism

  • Contains a rich amount of catechins to support efficient weight loss

  • Reducing fat and glucose absorption in the gut

  • Tackling fat cell production

  • Delivering a potent antioxidant function

  • Increasing energy levels and vitality

  • Tackling increased hunger cravings

Hydration blend: Each serving of Burn Boost contains 800 milligrams of the hydration blend and includes coconut water powder and pink Himalayan salt. With less content amongst other blends in each Burn Boost serving, here are the main functions of the hydration blend;

  • Increasing metabolic and fat burning rates

  • Providing bioactive enzymes to support healthy digestion and efficient metabolism

  • Hydrating and increases body temperature

  • Reducing fat storage in the storage

  • Contains zero sugars or additives

Supporting ingredients include niacin, vitamin B5, vitamin B12, chloride, and sodium. Other ingredients include alfalfa, maltodextrin, natural flavors, citric acid, and stevia extract. The supporting ingredients aren’t only added to Burn Boost for the sake of it. Each ingredient is carefully added for its unique properties too.

For example, niacin, a type of B vitamin, supports the conversion of food into energy, promoting healthy metabolism and fat burning. Additionally, other key functions of niacin include maintaining nervous system functions, promoting digestive health, and improving skin health. While you get most of your niacin needs from the food you eat, it is still an essential nutrient for the body.

Bonus Gifts Included with Burn Boost

At the moment, if you purchase Burn Boost supplement, you will enjoy promotional gifts along with every order, despite the size. Each order comes with the following;

  • The 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Blueprint: The blueprint serves as a nutrition and health guide to walk you through losing weight in the first two weeks. The guide can help you shed off your first 20 to 40 lbs.

  • 2-Day Belly Fat Blaster: The fat blaster guide offers tips and tricks for getting the first 5 to 10 lbs of belly fat burned very fast.

  • Fat Burning Desserts Cookbook: This cookbook shares delicious recipes to complement your weight loss journey. Who said you can’t enjoy flavorful desserts just because you are trying to lose weight?

Burn Boost Refund Policy

Burn Boost has a 100% risk-free 60-day refund policy.

This means that you can use the Burn Boost supplement for up to 60 days from your purchase date. During this time, if you are not satisfied with the results or don’t see any at all, you can request a full refund with no questions asked.

Burn Boost Reviews - Final Word

Burn Boost supplement guarantee more than just weight loss and effective metabolic function. Using the body’s lipolysis process, the Burn Boost supplement are perhaps the most effective fat shedding formula on the market. However, what truly makes it stand out is how it supports other bodily functions and overall well-being. Gold Vida Burn Boost improves hydration, energy production, and even cognitive function, to name a few.

On a regular basis, the process of lipolysis would be life-threatening. However, in this case, it actually protects you from conditions like diabetes and heart disease. To further prove its authenticity, no matter the number of jars you purchase on the 20 Views