Hi, I'm Florian Berg

 Hi, I'm Florian Berg, I'm the creator of https://en.vpnwelt.com/. We are able to offer both novice and advanced users useful advice and recommend only the most reliable and current software. Our entire team of experts strives for clear, comprehensive information about VPNs.

 Many people still utilize VPNs to stream foreign films and TV shows. However, they are only familiar with the myths surrounding VPNs and do not understand the true benefits of VPNs. These benefits are more important when it comes to individual security.

 A VPN hides your IP address and also protects your personal data. Hackers need to know these details in order to access your information.

 Hackers are almost impossible to get into the VPN server so safe. Namely, with premium providers, when a server is even close to being compromised the server shuts down and users are instantly transferred to another one.

 A secure VPN isn't just about safeguarding your device from external threats. Security functions in the opposite in the case of malware.

 You can't connect to another device if malware is infected by a USB or similar device. A VPN protects your devices and prevents Trojans or similar malware from infecting them.

 In the beginning, enabling VPN is similar to securing your devices. Your laptop, computer and smartphone will only be able to connect to a secure server. They will not be affected by.

 While it's possible to manually download malware however, it is not likely. The user will be notified immediately and asked to complete routine tasks.

 The importance of cyber hygiene is frequently omitted because it isn't a digital tool but a mental and behavioral practice. Cyber hygiene is one of the most effective ways to safeguard yourself online. And it is absolutely cost-free.

 Be mindful of what you share online. Never publish your personal information.


 It is more beneficial to have a good program rather than having viruses in your computer.