Owners and Developers - Park View City Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad is an exquisite and luxurious residential development that is situated within Zone IV in Islamabad. CDA has given its approval to the project and work on development is currently underway on the property. Vision Group owns the project. Vision Group owns the project and plans to transform it into one of the most luxurious housing areas of Islamabad.

Park View City is accessible from various areas of Islamabad in addition to Rawalpindi. The principal boulevard of Park View City is 400 feet. wide, which makes it easy to access without hassle. Furthermore Park View City can be accessed through Kurri Road and Bani Gala. It is a residential community that is family-friendly. project that is gaining recognition due to the rapid growth.


This is a comprehensive review about the venture, its benefits and benefits, as well as the reason why it's an asset for potential investors.


Owners and Developers - Park View City Islamabad

The developers and owners in Park View City are the Vision Group. The Vision Group has been working for many years in the fields of development, real estate management, and related fields. Their years of experience that will help make this project an absolute success.


Vision Group Vision Group was founded in 2012 and, since its inception, it has worked on landmark projects like Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation, Park View Corporate Center Lahore, The National School, Park View Signature Apartments Gulberg, Lahore, and Park View Icon, Karachi, etc.


Vision Group Vision Group has developed all of these projects, ensuring the best design and infrastructural view. Based on the past projects, clients have indicated confidence in the Vision Group in this project. Park View City master plan.


Mauza of Park View City Islamabad

The project mentioned above is based upon what was previously called Malot.


Park View City Islamabad NOC

CDA has the power who issues Non-Objection Certificates within Islamabad. CDA is likely to issue NOC for Park View City soon as the appropriate authority. After it is confirmed that the Park View project is approved investment opportunities increase as people will want to know the truth about their investment.


Map of Park View City Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad location map shows that it's accessible from various areas in Islamabad in addition to Rawalpindi. Some of the well-known areas accessible through Park View City include Serena Hotel Islamabad, Bahria Enclave, Bani Gala, etc.


In addition to these locations In addition, it is near the Chak Shehzad, Kuri Road and Park Road. The roads that could be used to access the mentioned places include Kashmir Highway, Islamabad Highway along with Lehtar Road.


Park View City Islamabad location map indicates that it is an ideal area in Islamabad and has a lot of potential for investors. Numerous access roads are being constructed to ease the access for the residential development. This includes Malot Road, while another access road is being constructed right out of Kurri Road.


Park View City - Total Land and Area

The proposed total area for this project is 7700 sq. Kanal. The proposed area covers various types of property like residential, commercial blocks, parks, and other areas that are designated to be used for entertainment and health and more.


Since this development is situated in the best location in Islamabad it's beauty is unparalleled. Furthermore, since it is near Bahria Enclave, it adds to the worth of the plots included in this project. The views within the area that is proposed for this project as well as on the roads that connect to it are breathtaking. Future development will enhance the beauty of the area.


Botanical Garden in Islamabad is near Park View, and its gate 2, as well as its main entry point, offers an easy access to the beautiful property. The main entrance of the project is located at Rawal Chowk, which is an important location.


This area of residence is far from pollution of the air and noise. It provides a healthy lifestyle. People who seek peace and tranquility may choose this area for their dream home. A 200-foot. broad road is planned to connect the area with the remainder of Islamabad. CDA has approved the road and development work is underway to build it over the stipulated time.


Park View City Master Plan

Park View City master plan was formulated by experts in the fields of city planning, architectural and engineering. The committee on planning has made sure the layout of various commercial and residential blocks are advantageous for inmates.


Park View City master plan is one of the most intricately developed master plans, keeping in mind the requirements of the future. It's comparable in terms of sophistication to the most prestigious development projects. There are multiple versions on the masterplan in order to make sure it's perfect.


The review team is composed of designers who are original and experts from other development firms. Therefore, this impeccable master plan is among the best in Pakistan for modern-day housing.


Project Details of Park View City

Park View City comprises different blocks that have been arranged according to alphabetical order. Park View City Islamabad location allows the organization of these blocks according to size of the plots, their use and price. The latest block to be added to the blocks are Block J, which the developers recently added.


Five marla plots are available in Blocks A B, F and K. the plots for 10 are in Blocks A B F, H, and I. Block B C, E F N, and M have 1 Kanal plots that are available to investors.


The clients can avail 2 Kanal plots within Block D and P. As the development work progresses, the value of plots across blocks will increase.


Park View City Terrace C Block


Terrace C block located in Park View City is one of the blocks that is the least expensive. It is a residential block that offers plots in varying sizes for investors. The prices for this block are lower compared with other luxurious residential properties located in Islamabad.


The plot sizes currently available that are available for sale in the Terrace C block are 10 marla. The block is equipped with modern amenities and investors will be able to see the value of the money they invest.


Park View City A B Block


The A and B blocks in Park View City offer residential plots in a variety of dimensions. They have five, 10 marla or one Kanal size plots. The plot prices in this block are very low and affordable for those who belong to the middle class.


The wide range of sizes provides an inmates' choice of plots.


Park View City H Block


The H Block of Park View City Islamabad has 5 and 10 marlas and 1-kanal-sized plot sizes. Therefore, it is dependent on the financial situation and preference of the investor as to the ideal size plot.


Commercial Downtown


The Walk Commercial Downtown is the commercial hub of this area. It provides entertainment and necessities to the prisoners of the city. There are a variety of sizes of commercial plots within the mentioned region.


Investors interested in investing can reach customer support or related service companies for plot booking.


The commercial plots within the area are of sizes between 6 and 8. The walk of 1 Kanal. Investors can decide on which is the best for their needs.



The initial deposit for booking the plots will be 20% and the remainder of the installments must be paid in eight installments. The length of the installment plan is two years, and it's a good option for people with different financial backgrounds.


Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan for Blocks of different sizes

This is a quick overview of Park View City Islamabad payment plan that covers different blocks. The plan for payment has been designed to be flexible and affordable when compared to the sizes of plots.


The sizes of the plots and their costs are provided in the following manner.


Park View City Downtown Commercial Plots Payment Plan

There are two kinds of commercial plots within this block. The plot with 6 marla is available for 42,000,000. The other is the cost for membership is 100,000. The down amount is 25 percent of the total cost of the plot. The remaining amount is to be paid in six quarterly installments.


Commercial plots of 8 marla are available for purchase at 56,000,000, while the cost for membership is at 200,000. Each quarter's installment is approximately 7,000,000.


Park View City Block A and B - Residential Plots Payment Plan

There are three distinct residential plot sizes that are available in Blocks A and B. They include 5 marla, 10 , marla as well as 1 Kanal. The down cost for each plot size is 25% and the balance must be paid out in four quarterly installments.


The price of a 5 marla plots is 6,500,000. 10 marla plots are 10,000,000, while the price of a Kanal is 25,000,000.


Park View City Payment Plan for Terrace C Block

Terrace C Block has the residential tracts 10 Marla that are available at 10 million. It is a downpayment of $2,500,000 and there are four monthly installments.


Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan - For Block C, D, E

C, D, and E Blocks C, D and E of Park View City Islamabad have 1 and 2 Kanal residential plots to be purchased. The down payment on all these plots amounts to 25% with 4 quarterly installments.


1. The one Kanal parcel in Block C is offered for 25,000,000. The Block E is available for 30,000,000 and 25,000,000, because there are two types of plots that are identical size.


Two Kanal dimension of the plot of the D block is offered at 30,000,000, which is significantly more expensive.


Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan - For Block F

Block F offers five different plot sizes that are available. They include five marla plots, 10, marla and one Kanal plot. 5 marla plots are available for 5,000,000 and a 10 marla plots are available for 8,500,000.



Park View Islamabad Payment Plan - Block H

The plan of payment that is available for Block H in Park View City has three different dimensions of plots. They include 5 , 10, and 10 marla as well as 1 Kanal. The cost of 5 marla plots is 6,500,000 and that of 10 marla is 10,000,000.


1-kanal plots are offered for sale at 30,000,000. The fee for membership varies across these sizes, starting at 7,500.


Park View City - Block J Payment Plan

There are four types of residential plots within Block J. This includes 5 marla 10 , 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal.


The price for a 5 marla plots is 6,500,000, while the price of 10 marla is 10,000,000. 1. Kanal plot is worth 30,000,000 and the price for two Kanal will be 65,000,000. The cost of down cost for each kind of plot is 25%..


Price Comparison and Discounts

The analysis of the prices of different blocks within Park View City shows that Park View City's prices are more expensive than other residential communities. However, if we look at the general prices in Islamabad the price is reasonable. The area of the plots makes them worthwhile.


Category Plots

A fee of 10% more is applied to plots that are in category such as the corner, facing park and on the principal boulevard.


Park View City Islamabad - Features and Amenities

Park View City is being constructed by a renowned company in real property planning and development. They have assured that residents of the project will be able to avail all services similar to cities. Here are the major features and amenities offered by this project.


Imax Cinemas

3-D tech and IMAX cinemas are the main source of entertainment for people living in this city. They can take advantage of entertainment in the confines of their homes.


Commercial Zone

The walk that is commercialized in this city will let prisoners to purchase products from top brands. They will no longer have to shop in other parts of Islamabad.


Parks, Zoos, and many other Entertainment Areas

The main goal of the developers is to create a healthy and fun living space for inhabitants. This is why they have added the zoo and parks.


Community Centers and Clubs

Clubs and community centers have been added to the plan master to guarantee residents are engaged in healthy activities and social interactions.


Health Facilities

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are required to complete the project. They will be equipped with a professional staff.


Educational Facilities

Colleges, schools and other facilities for education will be component of the town. The establishment of the National School under the supervision of the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is the first step towards this.



Mosques, as well as other religious sites are also part of the Park View residential society.



Park View City will ensure that the prisoners of the project are totally safe, and for that reason it will be an enclosed community. Additionally the wall that separates the community from it and security of the neighborhood will assist in keeping the prisoners safe.


Electricity, Gas, and Water Supply

Gas, water and electricity supplies is guaranteed in the vicinity of the city. The city's management will make sure that the water supply does not cause problems for residents. A proper plan has been made to ensure this.


Underground Electric Lines

The electric lines will be underground to protect the lives of residents. The underground cables will also keep electrical lines safe from natural threats like wind and rain.



The monitoring of Park View City will be carried out through CCTV cameras as well as security guards and entry points.



The infrastructure of the society will be modern and up to the requirements of top cities. It will be maintained in harmony with the beauty of Islamabad and reflect the blend with Pakistani along with Western architecture.


Park View City Apartments

Park View City apartments are an alternative to the ground plots.  5 Views