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In the UK we tend to use 4 wheels to get around and then when the snow or bad weather comes, we rely on our 4x4 vehicle to help us trough the rough roads. But in other countries used to rougher weather than the UK, they have used vehicles fitted with rubber tracks for decades to get them across the snow. Bearing in mind that when bad weather does hit the UK, the whole country shuts down then pretty much the whole of North Europe laughs at us.

Rubber tracked vehicles are used in the UK, but tend to be restricted to building sites and working areas where heavy work needs to be done. They are rarely used for public transport or used on public roads like other countries and maybe this is a lesson to learn.

Actually these mini excavators, diggers or snow clearers have a multitude of uses that consumers could find useful rather than just business use. Many invest in ride on mowers for the summer, but are unaware of the benefits of having mini vehicles that runs on rubber tracks for when the weather turns to bad. They are not that expensive either, especially in the second hand market being disposed through the many auction houses up and down the UK.

Todd Kassal Villa Park, IL

Even parts for these mini diggers are cheap enough with most suppliers able to provide new rubber tracks for under £100, the same price as a cheap set of 4 wheels for an old car. You can hire mini excavators and diggers, but trying to get one when the snow hits maybe just a bit too difficult, plus you need a trailer attached to a vehicle that has 4 wheels to deliver it in the first place, something that may not happen with 2 foot of snow.

Of course there are areas in Scotland around the ski resorts that do use rubber tracked vehicles to get around and to do work on the ski slopes. These vehicles can be bigger and of course have a bigger job to do, but as the weight of the vehicle and load is spread across a larger rubber area than wheels, these vehicles are able to travel across loose snow as well as having more grip in hard snow.

Todd Kassal

There are many specialists that provide parts to these mini vehicles up and down the country, but unlike normal garages tend to supply business only and often have a service quicker than the local garage. This is because if they do not repair or get parts out quickly, building sites and businesses could grind to a halt and much money could be lost over a £100 set of rubber tracks as an example. To summarise on this point, there is probably a more efficient service for parts and repair for vehicles like this than the family car. Of course we won't be driving these little vehicles to work, but they do make some work fun, manoeuvring these things over rough, muddy or now covered ground and at a surprising speed.