Todd Kassal Villa Park, IL | Benefits of Rubber Tracks

Excavator tracks allow the excavator to cross uneven terrain, but, at least in the case of steel tracks, prevent the excavator from moving on asphalt and other hard surfaces as they can be damaged by the tracks. Furthermore, it increases fuel consumption as more energy is required due to decreased ground pressure.

Rubber tracks, however, make it possible for the excavator to move over hard surfaces, whilst still keeping the necessary off-road capability. Rubber tracks are one of the greatest late innovations in the continuous track area. For example, rubber tracks are now used not only in construction sites, but also when laying asphalt to prevent damage during road construction. Rubber excavator tracks can save a lot in transport costs, as no additional machinery is required to transport them.

Rubber tracks are a top pick for a vast array of heavy vehicles, however, they work particularly good for mini excavators. Tracks made of rubber significantly increase the mobility of mini excavators, and let it handle more weight through the use of newest technologies. Furthermore, this tracks ensure a smoother ride, and are permitted to cross asphalt, hence they don't damage roads the way steel tracks do. There raises, however, a concern about its durability.

Todd Kassal Villa Park, IL

Tires are easy to change, and significantly cheaper, but this tracks have to be replaced if they split. That's why it is important to purchase only quality rubber tracks which are heat treated to prevent stretching in over-torque incidents. Regular track maintenance is also required, and you should also consult the said company to know how to act in case of track failure.

Mini excavators are a must-have for any outdoors project that needs regular maintenance, because they save rental costs in the long run, especially if the compact excavator supports attachments. Always be sure to pick the tracks that suit your model, as there are over 2,000 mini excavator models, and most require unique tracks.