Important Questions You Should Ask Your Furniture Refinishing Provider

Antique items do not stay new forever. A time comes for every furniture item when it starts to look old and cultivates several issues within that could be annoying for the user. At this time it's best if you either sell the furniture or find quality furniture repair Lethbridge shop that can refinish your furniture so that it can look new again. But how do you know which firm is better than the other? We have listed a few valuable questions that you can ask the service providers before starting furniture repair.

Q. Have you completed a similar type of furniture restoration before? Can you show your gallery?

It’s a legitimate question because you should be clear about the quality of the work the company provides. By knowing that they have completed a similar kind of furniture restoration before, you can build trust in their services. A good service provider always backs up their work with proof. You can ask for pictures of their previous restoration work or look at a gallery that they regularly update on their website.

Q. What is the warranty of the restoration process?

You should know that your furniture is old and antique. It has suffered wear and tear over time and is not in a condition to be used regularly. If you are getting restoration work done by a furniture refinishing provider, you should know for how long you can continue before needing repair services again.

Q. Is there any scope of customization?

It’s always good to know if there is room for customization. Most furniture restoration providers can let you know how you can personalize your item. Also, customization introduces new body parts to the furniture piece and improves its life.

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