How to Resolve Outlook Search Not Working?



Microsoft Outlook search is a great management feature that it provides. It helps organizing emails at one place. It is helpful when you have emails synchronized and a lot of emails in your inbox. You can search and keep track by searching directly. But sometimes you face search function not working in Outlook. It can happen due to any bugs and error in the system or application. You receive an alert message of no result on your computer screen. It can occur due to incompatibility issues between Outlook and your system. Follow the steps for Outlook email search not working.


How to fix Outlook search not working?


·        Run the Outlook search repair utility program.


  •         If you have created a new profile in Mac, spotlight indexing might not be complete. Finish the indexing and then you can try searching again.
  •         Another thing that you must take care of is, Mac identity name should not consist of any special characters.
  •         Rename, if this is the case.
  •         Make sure that identity folder is not added to privacy tab.
  •         Outlook for Mac profile should be stored under correct default location.
  •      Spotlight index can also be corrupt, reindex the spotlight index.


Fixing the issue is like a trial and error method until you are sure of what is causing the issue. If you still find, search function in Outlook not working, restart your application and device. Restarting may fix the problem. Make sure that your Outlook and system are updated.