How to Resolve Gmail app not working?


Google mail is the most used email domain. Having a Gmail ID is a necessity. It is preferred by people because of the features and service it provides. It has different folders for your emails that are sorted automatically. Even with all the features and option sometimes you face issues and wonder, why is my Gmail app not working. It can be due to using the outdated version of the app or the browser, your emails might be going to wrong folders. Let’s have a look at some of the common troubleshooting ways on how to fix Gmail. Follow the steps mentioned below and see what resolves your issue.


Steps to fix Gmail-


·        Although it’s rare but sometimes Google servers are down and that may be the cause of Gmail not receiving emails.


·        Antivirus has email filtering due to which your emails are received in spam folder therefore do not forget to check your spam.

·        Another one of the same issue occurs when your emails are sent to trash or mistakenly gets deleted there it’s important to check all the folders.

·        Using the outdated Google application can be one of the issues therefore make sure your Google app is updated.

·        Use one of the following browsers to ensure its proper working, Google chrome, safari, Firefox.

·        Try logging out and then login to your account.

·        There’s only a maximum limited free storage and once you hit it, you stop receiving emails. Therefore, check your storage.

Another issue due to which you can’t send Or receive emails is of synchronization. Gmail will not work properly if it is not in sync. Here’s how you can fix Gmail app not syncing iPhone. You can navigate to settings and manually sync your Gmail. Go to the menu and click on settings. Then click on your account. Enter the log in credentials and enable the sync. 

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