Kotlin vs Flutter- which one should you take for cross-platform app development

In just the last few years, Kotlin has taken the Android community by storm. Originally developed by JetBrains, it’s since become an official Google programming language and is gaining momentum among iOS app developers as well. But while Kotlin was once touted as the Android developer’s new best friend, Flutter has emerged as an equally viable alternative.

What’s the main difference between Kotlin and Flutter? The general rule of thumb is that if you are looking for a Java replacement, use Kotlin, whereas if you are looking for a Swift or C# replacement, you should use Flutter. So how do Kotlin and Flutter compare to each other? Let’s take a look at some of their similarities and differences to help you decide which will be best for your project needs. In order to leverage the power of platforms, it is important to partner with Kotlin app development company or Flutter development agency.

Kotlin versus Flutter


Flutter is a Google-based cross-app platform. This platform works on a simple, easy-to-learn, and non-complex language dart. This language is stated to be easy to work with by many app developers who had worked with Java, swift, react-native to develop their app. As per statistics, there are thousands of applications now built using Flutter.

This platform helps individuals to design their app that will be adaptable in both Android and apple iOS.Now google studio is working to make app developers pave an easy way to create apps for the mac operating system. This requires very less time for installation, which is just 30 minutes.

This allows any individual to develop an app for different platforms. This was ranked by GitHub issues as the most popular cross-app development platform even though it is a recently discovered platform. This is used in apps like Alibaba, SpaceX, Google, etc.


  • Flutter is designed to code in a straightforward language called Dart and is easy to formulate and function.
  • Free code to access through dart language. As both this platform and language is open and accessible in the source. This makes us clear our doubts easily
  • You can ease your progress in app development through hot reload. This allows us to see the model of what we have coded, allowing to change mistakes to improvise our code to bring out a better app.
  • This has innovative technology installed in it. The scrolling speed is adjustable according to the user. This varied technology is sought even amidst its flaws after reacting native development. Furthermore, bug problem is reduced to nil through direct entry into coding. 
  • This point ensures that apps can be created in a very fast manner in both iOS and Android. This takes just 30 minutes for installation.
  • It is increasing popularity among app developers to choose Flutter as it's the new technology with lots of user-friendly applications.


  • This is not used even amidst its rising popularity as Flutter has Dart, a new language of coding. This language has fewer tutorials than other languages used in Kotlin etc.
  • This might have difficulty in finding faculty as Dart known professionals are meagre.
  • Flutter-created apps are enormous, as these apps can't be shrunken. People have an aversion towards apps of higher space. So app developers don't prefer Flutter.


Kotlin is a multi-platform cross-app development platform developed by Google cross-app platform creators. Developed in conjunction with the Java language, this platform has the facility to share codes among all platforms such as iOS, Android, etc. Kotlin is highly compatible and based on the already existing Java language, so app developers find it easier than other platforms.


  • It works in the language written already in Java, a code language used on a wide scale. This makes application migration easier. This helps you to make changes in existing apps
  • Usage of syntax makes your code smaller, crisp and up to the point
  • This compact code reduces the work and time of app developers
  • This is safe and easy to use, so preferred by many developers


  • Even though it works in the Java language, it has Kotlin's new language to function. So recruiting people is quite difficult
  • It is not cost-effective as it costs many huge functions at expensive rates. 
  • It has delayed compilation, whereas comparatively Flutter takes just 30 minutes. This is a vast defect to deal.


When we take Kotlin versus Flutter, even though Kotlin is the most used cross-app development platform among users, it does not have an easy language with an easy learning curve. At the same time, Dart offers a quick learning curve. Flutter has short compilation, and it's a cost-effective method to develop an app, and more compatible than Kotlin at present times. This might change if a new installation in Kotlin helps its sail towards success.