Top 5 programming languages for 2022

Javascript and python just pick any one of these languages place them on the number one spot and you cannot go wrong with any one of them of course they are the most popular language of all the time and they are going to remain that way at least for the next few years so you cannot go wrong with these two languages so in case you just came to know about what's the top one programming language that i'm working on here you go you got your answer but you are not here just to know about the name of the programming language you are here to know more about my perspective what i do think about these languages which are coming up and are shining quite a lot in the 2022. you are here to know my perspective a guy who writes day in day out every single day some code for the client some for personal work and every single one of them goes in production also records thousands of video about the latest tech so yes that perspective matters a lot

 Moreover according to thesis proofreading services near me that's why you are here if you were here just to know about the language name i'm pretty sure every year there is a guy in the comment section who feel absolutely smart by writing the name of the language so why not to appreciate him this year go ahead if you find anybody who like writes all the name of these languages go ahead and write in the comments section which says good job kid so let's go ahead and talk about the top 5 programming language for 2022. before we go there smash that subscribe button and let's get started hey there everyone atesh here back again with another video and in this video we are going to talk about the top 5 programming language for 2022. there are a lot of new programming languages this year where you should keep your eye and we're going to have a discussion around it this video is obviously little bit more than just ranking the languages and showing you the name so there's a little bit of my perspective added on top of that before we go ahead and pick the spot number five for this video here's my two cent of advice that is going to change your perspective about programming language nobody nobody ever enjoyed programming language by writing its loops and functions and some classes yes obviously we do that all day in day out but that's not where you find the true potential of a language all i'm saying is go on to step two the step one is to learn the basics of a programming language loop function classes suggested by do my thesis services

and variables and solving basic problems or some comparative problem with that but you're going to truly enjoy programming and the programming language once you start building something in it so go ahead and explore that part also go ahead explore libraries and frameworks and build something which actually does at least something so on this checklist of top five programming language for 2022 we're gonna start with spot five which is going for go a lot of people call this as go a lot of people call it as golang whatever you are saying with this face icon here you know what language i'm talking about this language is growing all hot in for this year it's already in production with so many of the applications and so many of the product-based companies are evolving in this language go or golang is considered as the modern version of the c programming language a lot of people call it as the fresh take on the sea if it would be designed in 2020 world this language from the ground up is a fresh take on the programming language focused a lot on the concurrency and is built to fully utilize the cloud infrastructure and hence you see this so many other companies are using it there is no shortage of the packages and resources available for the golang you can build an entire web application and tons of other application in the golang in case this language seems interesting to you i do have a full playlist on that you can go ahead and check that out and this is a very interesting programming language on spot number four we have another new take coming up here which is rust now you'll see a lot of article that internet is getting rusty now rust is a low level programming language with direct access to hardware and memory you're going to find a lot of similarities of the syntax with the c plus in fact you have if you have coded c plus in the past you're going to find a lot of comfortness with this language now of course this language also brings us some of the fresh new concept like trades borrow checker and is also revolving a lot about the concurrency now very similar to the golang rust also gives you the ability to trace the data races mutex a lot of memory and concurrency as well being a low-level programming language you're gonna hear a lot of buzzwords about the rust in the community which are building the core stuff which is absolutely underlying the hardware or very similar or touching the hardware at least you're gonna see a lot of compilers are using it a lot of compilers are being rewritten in that lots of linux packages are being written in that so there's a lot going on but at a very very low level touching almost touching the hardware stuff

now i do agree that in the initial of the days there were a shortage of the packages for the rust but those are the gone days now you can visit crates and you can find there are so many of the packages available up here in fact you can they just say that hey if you want to install a cargo you can just go to the crates and pretty much all the popular packages and functionality that you wish for are available there and they are rising in the great numbers moving on to spot number three on the spot number three we have got a weird choice here which is php and some of you might be wondering why php is on even on the list is it not a dying language is it already not dead no my friend it is not yet dead and there is a strange pattern in the world of php that is growing up now re in the recent last couple of years we have seen a lot of engineers which are focused more on either python or the javascript creating an absurd shortage of the php developers now on one hand where a whole lot of packages and applications are being rewritten in the node.js if they could afford it but they are still mammoth of these applications which are still running and maintaining in laravel and the php and they are working absolutely fine there and yes you guessed it right since a lot of people are now focusing on javascript and python and other fashionable languages there is a shortage of the php talent i have recently seen that a lot of companies are now ready to pay even more to people who have experience with php i agree very strange phenomena but this is happening right now in the industry and obviously i don't need to spend too much time explaining you what php is it is one of the world's most dominating programming language

 when you outsource your packages into third world countries a lot of being are developed in the php and they are absolutely fine laravel is one of the most rising framework in the php and it's absolutely smashing the things on spot number two we're gonna place a java slash kotlin on september 14 2021 there was an official blog by oracle which says introducing the free java license so if this article is there that means there was 100 something wrong going on that they had to make java into the free license again oracle and java went into the deep waters where they made java almost like a paid license for a lot of people and there was a weird license thing going on and finally they thought that yeah we have kind of a make a big mistake so we need to correct it and then they came up with this new licensing thing where it is free again i mean understand one fact there should not be any doubt about the dominance of this language if you are having a doubt on that absolutely you are into some kind of alternative version of the world java is dominant and is going to stay dominant now i do agree on the point that not of a lot of new application and new products and new companies that are coming up they are not too much friendly with the java they usually prefer the new of the stack but what are the stacks and the companies which have already written mammoth of the code and mammoth of the application especially in the financial sectors these are already being dominated by java and they have enough of the massive scope to hire millions and millions of engineers to maintain that code and thus java is going to be dominating this year too now of course alongside with java kotlin is also rising and i sometimes feel that kotlin is like those veins on the tree which are growing because of the java but they're probably not going to be standing alone on their own feet because of the shadow of java but still hey great language now moving on to number one stop and some of you might be saying hey didn't we already picked up python and javascript on the number one stop that was no brainer stop that is all good this is a different version of the position number one on the position number one this time we got a new fresh take which is typescript now you can easily identify typescript as javascript with steroids and the good steroids not the bad one a lot more strictness comes up with the typescript


 and a lot of ambiguity that is easily seen in the javascript that goes away when you use typescript a whole lot of javascript developers are adopting typescript and the packages who used to come with the basic javascript like react and all that now they do have an alternative version of typescript and in fact a whole lot of people actually enjoy and love writing typescript code compared to javascript code the only problem and issue that i find with the typescript is that there are not enough of developers who are well trained on typescript they just use typescript with the ts extension and still are writing a whole lot of javascript code typescript require a separate dedicated training on itself so that you can take full advantage of that language not just writing javascript inside the big package of typescript but of course on a whole lot typescript is not gonna be stopping anytime soon in fact it's gonna grow exponentially in the year of 2022. okay now moving on to the section of some honorable mention in the honorable mention i've got four listed coming up here c c plus plus c and swift ui a quick one-liner for all these honorable mentions for c programming language usually the first choice because it is imposed by most of the universities great language to get started with but this is not compulsory you can start with any other language which might be a little bit easier for you c plus plus great fantastic but please go ahead and move into step two of c plus plus explore more libraries and by libraries i don't want to say just the stl go beyond that explore something like crow where you can actually build an entire web application talk to mongodb how to install mongodb drivers directly using c c-plus plus explore the full potential of this language explore a little bit about the game engines that are being built or can be coded using c-plus plus c-sharp and net sadly i don't have much of first-hand experience in the c-sharp and dot-net world but i have heard all the good things and how the packages of the dot net are evolving to a different scale but i don't have much to say because i don't have first-hand experience on that for swift ui oh boy absolutely loving the updates that they are pushing up and of course with so many of the apple devices that they are selling swift ui is no looking back and here's the good thing about the swift ui only people who are having the apple devices like macbook or imac they can only write code in swift ui surely there are alternatives of the cloud and all of that but won't go on that so this very big hurdle of getting started with a swift ui makes few people in the position that there is a less competition when there are interviews or job openings there are obviously less amount of people applying compared to android world or the web development world because the entry is so much hurdled so ladies and gentlemen boys and girls this is my take on the top 5 programming language a fresh take for 2022 in case i have messed up your favorite programming language let me know in the comment section and a one-liner thought from you as well that what do you absolutely love about that language just the name is not enough a small thought is always required i hope you have enjoyed this video smash that subscribe button and there is so much more on this channel from crash courses to programming videos to general spicy chit chat like this one and a whole lot of other things go ahead subscribe this and i'm gonna surely catch you up in the next  my top and my video see through hiding on the pin don't stop ain't gonna feed you i've been all on my ground so i need you baby