Hello, my name is Liberata Udinese

 Hello, my name is Liberata Udinese and I live in Garden City, NY. I'm 21 and work as a copywriter. Writing articles for others, working with websites, commenting on other people's articles, and chatting on forums to earn money. What are the benefits? What could make me want to do something? Money shortage? Inability to leave the house or impossibility to do it? Copywriting isn't a lucrative career. It's not going to bring you fame. You lose your authorship when the piece is sold. What happens next?

 Everyone has their life. Some people work for others during their free time. Some work temporarily, with dreams of their own business through the Internet. We all write articles for lack of money. Everybody is connected by something we don't know. Copywriting is a game. It is possible to earn money writing the first article. Then you will be attracted to selling the next. This interest can be addictive. Try it. When you return home from work, come dressed in your usual attire, head to the computer and plug it in and see the most recent details in your account. This is a common occurrence among gambling addicts. You play on a machine that promises a miracle. This prolongs the pleasure. The player is in a state of anxiety by the expectation of a miracle and keeps coming back to the machine. Being a copywriter is playing a lottery that isn't a win; you won't be able to win many times, but you will not lose anything either. The most important thing is that you expect miraculous outcomes. Gamblers are those who live off his addiction. Unfavorable to his family and himself. One who contributes to the family to be in poverty. The coprime, however, is a valuable asset to society and quite sufficient and does not create any problems for his family. The person who comprises can enjoy similar pleasures, and experience the same as a gambler but still make money. Our childishness is a sign of our ignorance. The winter holidays are filled with obligatory gifts. It's a shame that the majority of our lives are wasted because we spend too much money on little things.


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