Tips on Writing A Perfect Introduction



No matter what the essay type, the introduction to an essay contains the same structure and style. As the first paragraph in the essay, you will find yourself spending a lot of effort and time on it to make sure you produce fault free essays for your readers. 


Why is the Introduction important? 

The reader will start from the introduction and most will decide whether to read the full essay based on the introduction. Many essays that are worthy of reading and reflecting upon don’t get a lot of reads because of this reason. The point of the essay writer is to make the reader reflect upon the topic at hand. No matter the quality of the arguments or the novelty of ideas and analysis, if the introduction doesn’t capture the reader, he or she will abandon it and all the good work will be ignored.   


Length of an Introduction

At times, we are so desperate to garner a reader’s attention that we forget all about the structure of the introduction and end up elongating it or filling it with unnecessary content. Find the right balance, don’t make it too long or too short. An introduction should be of no more than 5-7 sentences; you must have a very important reason to exceed that number. 


Parts of the Introduction

The Hook

The hook is far from being an important statement content-wise for the reader. But it is one of the most important sentences that you as a writer will write my essay


By opening up with an interesting line you--as the name goes--hook the reader to your essay for some time. And it’s all the time that you need to present your introduction and convince the reader to read the body paragraphs.


The types of hooks used in academic essays are:


A Fact

A fact has to evoke in the reader the feeling of sympathy, amazement, or shock.


For example, while writing on a topic about wealth disparity you can start with:


“The rich are getting richer; one percent nows owns four-five percent of the world wealth.” 

A Quotation

A quote uses the ethos of an individual to speak to the readers about the topic at hand. There are plenty of quotes that are short, potent, and inspiring. An example of a hook for an essay on ‘a low educational budget’s impact on the future of a country ’ can be a quote from an educator or a historian. 

A Question   

Questions are one of the powerful ways to run the gears inside one’s head. Readers read a question and upon finding an insufficient answer in their heads, are tempted to read on. For example:


“ Are ethics and moral values, transferable to your progeny?”


Brief Background

After the hook, you will take on the main subject of the topic and explain it to the reader. You will then be specific when talking about it in the next sentence. This process of going from general to specific will continue until you have arrived at the aspect that you are addressing the topic.  


Imagining a funnel with general information at the top narrowing down at the base is the right way to think about it. 


The Thesis Statement

At the last comes the most important i.e. essay writing service.


Each part of the introduction leads up to this thesis statement. The hook gives the reader enough time to read the thesis and decide upon reading the essay or not, while the brief background helps the reader zoom in from the general to specific. Such that the thesis doesn’t seem forced.


The thesis statement will include the subject and the controlling statement. The controlling statement will present the argument regarding the subject. It will serve the reader as to what the writer will present and how will he or she will take forward the analysis.