'Minecraft: Education Edition is Available On Chromebooks

Ahead of a new school year that may see students never stepping into a classroom, Microsoft is bringing Minecraft: Education Edition to Chromebooks.

The Chrome OS release of Minecraft: Education Edition will support cross-platform play between the Windows, iPad and Mac versions of the game, so students will be able to socialize and collaborate on projects regardless of the device they're playing on. Microsoft is also updating the software to add 11 new STEM lessons as well as a Minecraft world to teach students about pollination and bees. The update also comes with an updated lesson plan library and tagged abilities.

According to the company, Chrome OS, iPad, and Windows devices will automatically download the update.STRONGCRAFT.ORG Mac users will have to manually download the update. Schools with Minecraft: Education Edition installed in their classrooms won't have to alter their subscription. The company will add the Chrome OS version of Microsoft 365 Education A3 and A5 licenses.

Minecraft Education Edition is available since the year 2016 So it's not surprising to find out that it's coming to Chromebooks this year. In the end Google's computing platform is the king of the education market. According to the company there were more than 30 million Chromebooks being used in schools around the world as of the year 2019. Chromebooks were responsible for 60% of all laptops and tablets purchased in the US for classrooms for K-12 students in 2018. What's interesting about this release is that it provides Chrome OS users an official method to install Minecraft without having to download the game onto their device.