slot Joker - How Can You Cheat in Slot Machines?

The famous slot machine The Slot Jacker, by Steve Almond, is the third book of the eighties slot thriller series. It is a game that involves three games: the Spin and Go, the Quickstep and the Cashier. In the Spin and Go, you will need to hit the correct combination on the machines' icons and photos. The images on the screen will indicate which machine is being used for which game, and you have to pay real money in order to be certain that you are actually spinning the reels and not taking your chances with the pictures displayed on the machine screens. In the Quickstep and Cashier games, on the other hand, you only need to press the buttons of the icons, and the reels will spin automatically and you can earn money.
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In the third game, the slot joker card, also by Steve Almond, you will have to choose between two cards. The first one will be revealed to you (the star). If you click on it, revealing a red question mark above it, you will need to confirm whether you want to play for a win, and then, if so, the second star will be switched to an exclamation sign, thus making the winning amount skyrocket.
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With all the excitement and fun that comes with playing slot machines, it is but natural that somebody would want to come up with ways to cheat in them, thus gaining an extra dime from them. Thus, one of the newest ways to win in slot machines is through the use of the slot joker card. This card appears normal, but upon closer inspection, it is covered in dollar symbols, which enable the player's computer to calculate how much more money one would gain if they were to strike the jackpot. Thus, instead of waiting for the random results, the user will have the edge, as the computer can do all the calculations for him or her. For more information, check out Steve Almond's website.