Wig Measurements

No matter whether you wear wigs for aesthetic or medical reasons, ensuring that you get the best fitting is essential. To ensure that you can find the ideal size wig swiftly as well as comfortably, we advise taking these easy measures to determine your head and refer to a size chart for wigs.

Make sure that your hair is pin back and flat before putting a flexible tape measure at your front center hairline and placing it over one ear. Write down this measurement.

From Front to Nape

To get a precise front-to-nape measurement begin with your tape measurement in the middle of your forehead and move it behind the ear of one before bringing it along the nape of your neck towards the other ear - this measurement is referred to as the head circumference. It will allow you to determine which size hairstyle you require. It's crucial to note that if your measurement is between two sizes, opting for the larger size will allow the flexibility to make adjustments later.

To determine your nape measurement, position the tape measure on the point where you are at your lowest neck hairline, and then measure diagonally to determine your nape width measurement. Also, it is essential to style your hair in the way you plan to wear it beneath your wig prior to taking these measurements so they are completely accurate - we recommend taking four measurements to ensure that your results are the same.

Last but not least is an ear to ear measurement. To make this measurement easy and quickly, just place the tape measure in one ear's center before moving over your head in order to measure both ears. Repeat this procedure several times for your ear-to-ear measurement.

Ear to Ear

Ear-to-ear measurements are among the most important measurements for wigs. If the wig isn't placed perfectly over the head it won't appear natural and will not sit properly. This measurement begins by starting in the front of your hairline at center forehead and running tape take a measurement all the way back behind your ear, all the way to where your neck bends down toward your nape (you must repeat this step on both sides for a full measurement).

The flexible tape measure is the perfect device to make this measurement. Be sure to remove any hairstyles which could skew the result, like braids or low ponytails, before securing the tape measure to ensure it does not come loose during measurement. The tape measure should be placed under the hair. This will ensure that there is no confusion over where your head's measurements are being taken from.

Utilizing Wig Measurements is crucial to finding your ideal hairstyle! Be sure to take multiple measurements to get exact results. You can then refer to a helpful sizing guide order to locate a wig which is specifically tailored to your preferences!


Finding the ideal size when buying a wig is essential to a safe and enjoyable hairstyle. A flexible tape measure for fabric can help you determine which size wig is ideal for you. Take measurements in only 5 minutes! It gives accurate readings to allow you to select an optimal wig fit which will feel secure throughout the day!

To take this measurement, place a measuring tape on top of one ear and move it around until it is at over the ear to the opposite - this measurement is known as circumference. It will provide an overall measurement of the size of your head.

Measurements are essential when looking for small, average or big sized wigs in order to avoid headaches or having one that slips off of your head! Make sure to use a flexible measuring tape while taking these measurements so you can compare them against the wig size chart prior to picking your wig! Having the appropriate size wig will make a huge difference in the way you feel and look wearing it!

Back to Front

Using the same flexible tape measure made of cloth start with the forehead hairline, and then trace the line to the back of your ears. Then, move to the rear of your head, to where the nape rests. then, go back behind one ear until you reach the point at which your neck bends this measurement will ensure your hairline is naturally at your natural hairline without becoming too long at the back of your neck.

Ear Top from Ear Top

This measurement is a sixth one that can help determine how much head room there is over the top. To get the most accurate results, it's best to take this measurement while wearing the wig this way, it will be able to account for how its hair will lie when it is in its place. Begin by measuring one ear, and then cross over until reaching the other one before comparing this number against a chart to find the size of your hair.

Once you've decided on your wig's size, finding the right one will be much simpler! We have smaller, average and larger models that can accommodate the majority of women - many even have adjustable straps for an ideal fit or more space if required! So you can be sure that whichever one you pick will be stunning while remaining comfy.