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, , ipad, ipad pos, , , , , , - Pxfuel Aladdin . . . The doctrine formulated by Kim Backmoon had a significant influence on later new religious movements including Shin-Cheon-Ji and these communities reinforced education on this newly created doctrine. One is written by converts and the other is testimonies of the converted who later re-convert to the established church. Unlike these precedents, I focused on internal factors of the religion, especially on individual participants religious or spiritual desires, expressed in their testimonies. I analyzed two kind of testimonies to study on this thesis. The purpose of this thesis is to study why believers of established Protestant churches convert to Shin-Cheon-Ji. According to the testimonies, established churches sermon is very secular, simple, ambiguous and doubtable. The community has been a controversial issue in domestic Protestant churches and korean society recently because of its aggressive propagative strategies and highly exclusive membership activities.

tanato Second, the believers confidence of conversion is originated from their strong faith that Shin-Cheon-Jis myth has been fulfilled, now fulfills and will be fulfilled in the history of the community. Focusing on,,,,,,,,, , this thesis will conduct a thorough study on how and why believers in established Protestant churches decide to convert to Shin-Cheon-Ji. Shin-Cheon-Ji is a new religious movement founded in 1984 and derived from Protestant churches in South Korea. As a result, many new religious movements emerged and Shin-Cheon-Ji was influenced by several leading new religious groups in Korea. Converts and the converted confessed that the important attraction of Shin-Cheon-Ji was their doctrinal education. To be specific, I chose to pay attention to Shin-Cheon-Jis doctrinal contents among other diverse factors because most devotees of Shin-Cheon-Ji have mentioned that their doctrine was the most important in their conversion. For example, Some spiritual groups had appeared in the late 19th and early 20th century and their diverse ideas were systemized by Kim Backmoon(the founder of Israel Sudowon).

Shin-Cheon-Jis doctrine is a essential part of the conversion to the community as well as the formation of the community. In the late 19th century, late Chosun empire began to modernize by carrying out an open-door policy. While the government abolished the restriction on various fields including religion, areas of life began to expand and several new religions were introduced to the country. However, those studies have only dealt with external factors of the new religions. Former studies related to this topic have taken various approaches ranging from sociological perspective to theological standpoints. , . , . 80 . . , , , , , .

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