What is a Biodynamic Massage?

Although massage therapy is commonly associated with beauty salons or spas, it can also come directly from nature. Massage is derived in Greece from the word kerastos which means "to heal". The Greek word for "to heal" is "kara," which refers to "earth/rock, mountain/water" and "aesthesis," which means harmony, balance, or harmony throughout all. According to Boyesen's healing philosophy massage can be considered a natural therapy that can restore harmony to the body. She explained how massage can increase the body's natural healing ability in her book The Touch of Nature.

Massage is one the best methods to relax and soothe tissues and muscles. It can loosen tight muscles and decrease pain. However, it is not enough to simply soothe and relax; it is also important for a patient to be able to identify and express their needs and to feel in control. Because of this, along with her work with Dr. Gerda Boyesen, a.B.P. Ayurvedic specialist in healing modality specifics, she also developed a specific Ayurvedic massage.

A traditional massage is performed by a practitioner who sits and holds the client's hands, supports the neck, grips the wrist, and applies pressure on various areas of the body. Massage has been used over the years to treat conditions throughout the entire body. A.B.P. developed her own massage, combining her knowledge with the techniques of Dr. Boyesen, and other Ayurvedic physicians.

The practitioner performs some self-massage in a massage chair between massage sessions to help clients feel more comfortable. She uses this distraction to help her clients focus on the massage rather than the fact that they are being held up by the chair. The practitioner must be skilled at self-massage and be able to distract clients without losing focus. She takes a short break while she does the actual massage and performs a quick self-massage with her fingertips. This allows her clients to feel relaxed and allows her to concentrate on the massage.

A.B.P. is a way to enhance the therapeutic experience. A.B.P. integrates gerda boysen's theory on biodynamic psychology. According to this theory, diseases are caused by an imbalance of energy. This energy imbalance can take the form of mental and physical blockage, blockages relating to the body's internal organs, or problems in blood flow. A.B.P. was able to draw on this knowledge to help her clients heal. With this knowledge, A.B.P.

As part of the holistic health approach used in A.B.P., the massage therapist uses the body's physical structures to promote healing. She uses touch and massage therapy to go beyond the superficial. A.B.P. is one example. For example, A.B.P. incorporates stretching and lengthening of the muscles, as well other types of massage such as cranial treatment, to promote full body alignment, and physical wellness.

It takes more than just a relaxing experience to reap the benefits of a biodynamic massaging. The therapeutic massage treatment also includes exercises that strengthen the body and reinforce its various systems. A.B.P. Her students will be taught a rigorous course that covers anatomy, nutrition and physiology as well as neurology, physiology, and biodynamics. All of these courses help students to understand the connection between the human mind and the body and how these interrelationships can be used to enhance the person's overall well being.

Massage therapists must be licensed to practice their art. Massage is considered an alternative health practice that is not regulated by medical science. The practitioner who does not adhere to standard procedures while treating patients is at risk of being charged with a crime. There are many different laws that affect practicing massage in your own state, including those that govern professional liability. A qualified professional will take all of these factors into consideration before deciding whether or not to offer a particular form of massage therapy.