CD Formulation Empowers High-volume Manufacturing of Microspheres

United States

Over the past decade, innovation in the field of microsphere production has reached new heights. Thanks to groundbreaking technology, CD Formulation has enabled mass production services for these versatile particles. Through a cutting-edge approach, CD Formulation is well-prepared to serve the industry by offering efficient and effective solutions for the mass fabrication of microspheres.

From small batch production to mass production, there are greater demands on the process parameters and technology to ensure product quality. “We now regard the industrialization of microsphere products as the main development goal and offer microsphere products at a production scale that can be scaled up linearly. The batch size of key clinical study samples should be consistent with the commercial production batch size,” said the Marketing Director of CD Formulation.

Microspheres, tiny spherical particles typically ranging from 1 to 100 microns in diameter, offer immense potential for targeted drug delivery. By encapsulating active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) within these microspheres, drugs can be delivered directly to specific tissues or organs, resulting in improved therapeutic efficacy and reduced side effects. Recognizing the tremendous benefits of microspheres, CD Formulation now offers mass production services to meet the industry's growing demand.

The company's advanced production process begins with the selection of suitable raw materials based on the specific requirements of each application. By carefully evaluating factors like biocompatibility, drug release properties, and targeted delivery, CD Formulation ensures optimal results for its customers. This personalized approach allows them to tailor the microspheres to meet the unique needs of various industries.

Possible Steps Involved in Microsphere Mass Production:

Small batch production services
Design of amplification gradient
Microsphere dispensing

CD Formulation's mass production services enable rapid and cost-effective fabrication of microspheres, offering a significant advantage over traditional manufacturing methods. By employing their breakthrough technology, CD Formulation has drastically reduced production time while maintaining stringent quality control measures. This streamlined process not only reduces costs but also accelerates the development and delivery of microspheres for commercial use.

The types of microsphere products that CD Formulation can provide include polymer microspheres, parathyroid hormone microspheres, calcitonin microspheres, insulin microspheres, and more.

The versatility of microspheres allows for novel applications across a multitude of sectors. In the pharmaceutical field, microspheres serve as highly efficient drug carriers, facilitating controlled release and targeted therapy. They can also be used in cosmetic formulations to enhance texture, stability, and encapsulation of active ingredients.

“Our commitment to collaboration and customer satisfaction ensures comprehensive support throughout the entire production process. From concept development to final delivery, our team of experts will work closely with clients to understand their individual requirements and provide tailored solutions.”

To learn more about CD Formulation's microspheres mass production capabilities, please visit

About CD Formulation
CD Formulation is dedicated to driving advancements in pharmaceutical development and delivery. To this end, CD Formulation has worked diligently to develop customized drug delivery solutions, ensuring that they meet individual needs and comply with regulatory requirements. Staffed with a team of formulation scientists, engineers, and regulatory specialists, the company continuously strives to push boundaries and provide innovative solutions to its clients. It has now positioned itself as a major player in the industry. In addition to microsphere mass production, CD Formulation has expanded its expertise to include analytical testing, formulation development, stability testing, in vitro cytotoxicity testing, and more.

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Reorganized Collection of Pharmaceutical Excipients Now Released at CD Formulation

New York

Since its launch, the pharmaceutical excipients provided by CD Formulation have gained significant popularity among customers worldwide. To enhance the search process, CD Formulation has recently reorganized its collection of pharmaceutical excipients and unveiled these changes on its website. With a focus on improving drug delivery systems and dosage forms, the company aims to offer innovative solutions to the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical excipients are inactive substances combined with active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to create final drug products. These excipients play a crucial role in ensuring the stability, effectiveness, and safety of medications, as well as improving their palatability and appearance.

“Our new collection of pharmaceutical excipients covers a wide range of dosage forms, including liquids, solids, semi-solids, controlled-release, transdermal, mucosal, and micro drug delivery systems. Each formulation is meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of different medications and patient populations,” said the Marketing Director of CD Formulation.

Excipients for Liquid Dosage Form
Liquid preparations are currently the most widely used in clinical practice. In the realm of liquid dosage forms, CD Formulation offers a variety of excipients to enhance solubility, stability, and bioavailability of active ingredients. These include favoring agents, dispersion excipients, solubilizer excipients, surfactants, suspending agents, effervescents, emulsifiers, wetting agents, and preservatives.

Excipients for Injections & Sterile Formulation
For injections and sterile formulations, CD Formulation provides excipients that maintain the sterility and stability of parenteral products. Commonly used excipients for injections and sterile formulations mainly include antioxidants, chelating agents, emulsifiers, suspending agents, lyophilization reagents, osmotic pressure regulators, ph modifiers, solubilizers, and preservatives.

Excipients for Solid and Semi-solid Dosage Forms
By utilizing advanced technologies, CD Formulation offers a wide range of solid and semi-solid excipients, including binders, capsule excipients, coating system excipients, disintegrants, fillers, colorants, plasticizers, film formers, sweeteners, inclusion compounds, lubricants, wetting agents, cooling agents, drop pill bases, ointment bases, plasters bases, and suppository bases.

Excipients for Sustained & Controlled Release Materials
CD Formulation also offers controlled-release excipients that enable sustained and controlled drug release. Some of these excipients are listed here: polyethylene glycol (MW:400), polyethylene glycol (MW:4000), polyethylene glycol (MW:6000), polyacrylic acid, polyethylene oxide, poly (lactic co-glycolic acid), polylactic acid, polyethylene glycol, PVA, silicone elastomer, stearic acid, cellulose acetate, and more.

Excipients for Transdermal and Mucosal Drug Delivery Systems Materials
In addition to traditional drug delivery systems, CD Formulation leads in developing materials for transdermal and mucosal drug delivery systems. These advanced materials can enhance drug absorption and bioavailability through the skin and mucous membranes, offering an alternative route of administration for certain medications. CD Formulation’s offerings include ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, polypropylene, PVA, polysiloxanes, polyvinyl chloride, dimethyl sulfoxide, oleic acid, lauric acid, carboxymethylcellulose sodium, carbomer 934, and disodium edetate.

Excipients for Micro-drug Delivery Systems Materials
Furthermore, CD Formulation provides a series of excipients for micro-drug delivery systems, including emulsifiers and other materials. Micro-drug delivery systems utilize innovative technologies and materials to deliver precise medication doses to targeted body sites, improving efficacy and reducing side effects, especially in localized drug delivery therapies.

“In general, the reorganized collection of pharmaceutical excipients marks a significant milestone in our company's commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. By offering a wide range of specialized excipients, we aim to support the development of safe, effective, and patient-friendly medications,” the Marketing Director added.

For more information, please visit

About CD Formulation
Combining robust expertise and years of experience, CD Formulation is an ideal partner for drug developers needing to overcome formulation and delivery challenges. Recently, the company has prioritized its role as a supplier of APIs and pharmaceutical excipients to ensure meeting the highest quality standards.

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Expanding Possibilities: CD Formulation Unveils Comprehensive Selection of 90+ Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

New York

Emerging as an excipient supplier and a contract research organization (CRO), CD Formulation has flourished in the pharmaceutical industry. The company recently unveiled its latest collection of over 90 active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to the scientific community. These APIs will serve as essential components in the formulation of various drugs.

APIs are the primary components of pharmaceutical products that exert pharmacological activity. CD Formulation's extensive range of APIs can be classified into amino acid series, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral series, cardiovascular series, hormone series and other APIs. All these APIs are essential for the development of effective drugs to meet various medical needs.

Amino Acid Series
Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and are critical for several physiological processes. CD Formulation offers a variety of amino acids and amino acid derivatives, including DL-Alanine (CAS 302-72-7), Glycylglutamine (CAS 13115-71-4), N-Acetyl-L-Leucine (CAS 1188-21-2), BOC-L-Hydroxyproline (CAS 13726-69-7), MOC-L-Tert-Leucine (CAS 162537-11-3), L-Tyrosine (CAS 60-18-4), DL-Methionine (CAS 59-51-8), L-Hydroxyproline, D-Amino Acids, Threonine, to meet diverse needs in medical research and drug development.

Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory and Antiviral Series
In response to the global threat of infectious diseases, CD Formulation has developed a comprehensive range of APIs with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. Some of these APIs include: Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) (CAS 50-81-7), FUSIDIC ACID (CAS 6990-06-3), SODIUM FUSIDATE (CAS 751-94-0), AMIKACIN SULFATE (CAS 39831-55-5), Tinidazole (CAS 19387-91-8), Linezolid (CAS 165800-03-3), Levofloxacin acid ester (CAS 106939-34-8), Metronidazole (CAS 443-48-1), and Norfloxacin (CAS 70458-96-7). These types of active ingredients are essential for fighting bacterial infections, reducing inflammation, and fighting viral infections.

Cardiovascular Series
CD Formulation's Cardiovascular Series focuses on APIs that help maintain heart health and treat cardiovascular disease. The company offers a range of cardiovascular APIs that are essential for managing heart disease, lowering cholesterol and regulating blood pressure. To name just a few: Rivaroxaban (CAS 366789-02-8), Edaravone (CAS 89-25-8), Heparin Sodium (CAS 9041-08-1), Lomerizine Dihydrochloride (CAS 101477-54-7) and Enoxaparin Sodium (CAS 679809-58-6).

Hormone Series
Hormones can be divided into glucocorticoids, adrenal cortex hormones, noradrenaline hormones, progestins, estrogens, androgens, and more. CD Formulation's Hormone Series provides essential APIs that aid in hormone replacement therapy, the management of hormone-related conditions, and the improvement of overall hormonal health. A few of these APIs are listed below: Prednicarbate (CAS 73771-04-7), Betamethasone Acetate (CAS 987-24-6), Clobetasol Propionate (CAS 25122-46-7), Levofloxacin Carboxylic Acid (CAS 100986-89-8), Desonide (CAS 638-94-8), Diflorasone Diacetate (CAS 33564-31-7), Fluorometholone (CAS 426-13-1), Meprednisone (CAS 1247-42-3), Mometasone Furoate (CAS 83919-23-7), Prednisolone Acetate (CAS 125-10-0), Triamcinolone Diacetate (CAS 67-78-7), etc.

Other series of APIs with anti-cancer, sedative, hair loss, and constipation effects are also available at CD Formulation, including: Tocopheryl acetate (CAS 7695-91-2), Dexmedetomidine hydrochloride (CAS 145108-58-3), Droperidol (CAS 548-73-2), Mycophenolate mofetil (CAS 115007-34-6), NR-CL (CAS 23111-00-4), Solifenacin Succinate (CAS 242478-38-2), Finasteride (CAS 98319-26-7), Montmorillonite (CAS 1318-93-0), Cabozantinib Malate (CAS 1140909-48-3), BendaMustine Hydrochloride (CAS 3543-75-7), etc.

For more information, please visit

About CD Formulation
With its wide range of expertise and dedication, CD Formulation strives to stay at the forefront of pharmaceutical research and development to help its customers succeed in the highly competitive marketplace. Quality, Innovation and Customer Satisfaction are the three main principles that it adheres to.

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Healthcare Product Development and OEM/ODM Services

New York

Earlier this month, the management of CD Formulation announced a new decision to expand its one-stop solution for healthcare products. Following this move, clients can count on CD Formulation for the development and OEM/ODM of healthcare products, including formulation development, sensory evaluation, quality assessment, and packaging design.

Healthcare products contain a certain amount of potent ingredients that can regulate the body's functions and are suitable for specific groups of people. As a result, demand for healthcare products has boomed over the past decade. Companies that manufacture health care products should better integrate their research and development of products using cutting-edge technologies.

"With over a decade of experience, we are trusted by customers worldwide for our unparalleled track record in researching, formulating, and manufacturing high-quality healthcare products. Our healthcare product development and OEM/ODM services provide a seamless option for customers, ensuring they can focus on their core business activities while we take care of the rest," said CD Formulation's Marketing Director.

More recently, CD Formulation has further optimized its one-stop solution for health care products, expanding the health products development service range to health market marketing analysis, innovative health product development, vertically integrated supply chain, production quality assurance, and global product regulatory certification application.

"We never stop taking steps to become a better service provider. This upgrade reflects our relentless pursuit of innovation and exceptional quality," he added. "Our team of experts has extensive experience in the entire healthcare product development cycle, and they will wholeheartedly help deliver value to our clients."

Below are the healthcare product development services provided by CD Formulation:
Effervescent Tablet Development
Gummies Health Product Development
Tablet Candy Health Product Development
Softgel Health Product Development
Hard Capsule Health Product Development
Tablet Health Product Development
Powder Health Product Development
Health Drink Development
Health Care Product OEM/ODM Services
Customization and Development of Shaped Health Care Products

Please visit the website to learn more about CD Formulation’s healthcare product development services.

About CD Formulation
CD Formulation is a leader in healthcare product formulation services. The company specializes in product development, formulation, testing, and manufacturing of healthcare products, including supplements, nutraceuticals, and functional foods. With world-class facilities globally, the company offers end-to-end services across the healthcare products development cycle and maintains strict quality control measures.

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Microsphere and Microneedle Solutions for Pharma and Biotech Applications

New York

CD Formulation, a leading provider of innovative pharmaceutical formulation services, has recently launched a comprehensive range of microsphere and microneedle solutions for pharmaceutical and biotech applications. The newly introduced solutions are focused on long-acting controlled-release microspheres and phase-transition microneedle patches, to meet the growing demand for novel biopharmaceuticals and biosimilars, while at the same time, improving efficacy, safety, and convenience in drug delivery.

Microsphere and microneedle technologies have been gaining increasing popularity in drug delivery over the past few years, offering an enhanced drug delivery option as compared with traditional delivery methods. Microspheres are tiny spherical particles containing drugs that can be injected or implanted for sustained release, allowing a slow and controlled delivery of the therapeutic agent to the targeted site. Microneedles, on the other hand, are tiny needles that can penetrate the skin surface for transdermal delivery of drugs.

“Our innovative drug delivery solutions are ideal for a wide range of pharmaceutical and biotech applications, such as gene therapy, immunotherapy, hormonal therapy, anti-infectives, and vaccines,” said the Marketing Chief of CD Formulation. “As always, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality drug delivery solutions that meet their specific needs and regulatory requirements."

Below are the main microsphere and microneedle solutions provided by CD Formulation:

Microsphere and Microneedle Patch Preparation Services
CD Formulation's research team offers a wide range of microneedle preparations with smooth tip surfaces and clear tip details, for melatonin microneedle patch, parathyroid hormone microneedle patch, exenatide microneedle patch, insulin microneedle patch, and blood glucose continuous monitoring patch. Meanwhile, CD Formulation can also properly prepare the following microspheres, including polymeric microspheres, embryonic microspheres, delayed-release drug delivery microspheres, parathyroid hormone sustained-release microspheres, calcitonin long-acting extended-release microspheres, erythropoietin microspheres, polysaccharide vitreous particles, and insulin slow-release microspheres.

Analytical Testing Services for Microspheres & Microneedles
Having abundant experience in the large-scale production of microspheres and microneedles, CD Formulation’s biopharmaceutical laboratory and amplification platform is also capable of conducting analytical testing services for customers worldwide to ensure the quality of microspheres and microneedles. Our analytical services include morphology testing, swelling performance evaluation, microneedle properties testing, microspheres mechanical property testing, and zeta potential measurement of microspheres.

Formulation Development Services for Microspheres & Microneedles
Scientists at CD Formulation are proficient in developing formulation strategies for microspheres and microneedles. Various aspects such as the route of administration, dosage form, maximum and minimum doses, and the appearance of drug carriers, would be taken into consideration to achieve the most efficient and effective drug delivery.

Microspheres Mass Production Services
CD Formulation can provide mass production services for various types of microspheres, such as polymer microspheres, parathyroid hormone microspheres, calcitonin microspheres, insulin microspheres, etc.

Microsphere Stability Testing
Stability analysis is a necessary step for microspheres before they are used as drug carriers. CD Formulation provides detailed stability testing options for microspheres, including organic solvent resistance test, acid resistance test, alkaline resistance test, and accelerated experiment test. The purpose is to help clients extend the storage time of the microspheres and better adapt to the normal environment.

Microspheres & Microneedles In Vitro Release Testing
The microsphere and microneedle in vitro release test provided by CD Formulation is to test and evaluate the release amount and release rate of the drug within a certain period of time after administration, and to investigate the release behavior of the drug carrier.

In Vitro Cytotoxicity Testing for Microspheres & Microneedles
CD Formulation can provide in vitro cytotoxicity testing for microspheres and microneedles, using different testing methods.

Please visit to learn more about CD Formulation’s versatile microsphere and microneedle solutions.

About CD Formulation
With state-of-the-art facilities and a team of formulation scientists, engineers, and regulatory experts, CD Formulation works closely with clients to develop customized drug delivery solutions that meet their specific needs and regulatory requirements. In addition to a comprehensive range of microsphere and microneedle solutions, CD Formulation’s expertise also extends to formulation development, process optimization, and manufacturing.

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