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Blink - Edge Torch

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Blink - Edge Torch When you think of a torch lighter, your imagination may run wild. The EDGE Blink Torch Lighter provides a very controllable flame so you can heat your quartz banger red hot and smoke your concetrates to their full ptency.

This torch flame lighter has a wind protection feature which boosts its effectiveness even further and ensures that it can work anywhere and at any angle making it one of the best torches for dab rigs. With a triple-ignition power, the Blink Edge Torch Lighter is one powerful flame lighter. The torch lighter’s size and handiness can both be attributed to this lighter’s overwhelming popularity. Designed with an easy, non-slip grip, the Edge by Blink dab torch for sale offers ease of use for everybody using it. Apart from these features, this handy butane powered torch lighter also contains a refillable tank which means you don’t have to toss it out once it’s empty! Instead, you refill it, and you’re good to go. A feature that is noteworthy about this torch lighter is its flame capacity. The Blink Edge Torch Lighter can reach the degree of heat that is needed to vaporize your dabs effectively, lasting well into the night. This Blink Edge Lighter is an effective, appealing butane torch lighter for your dab rig that can be used everyday and is guaranteed to be the highest performing, but lowest price torches at Atomic Blaze online smokeshop.

• Type: Blink Torch Lighter

• Material: Plastic, metal

• Height: 5 inches • Length: 2.5 inches

• Weight: 12 ozs

• Integrated ignition trigger

• Triple ignition power

• Variety of colors

• Refillable tank

• High flame capacity

• Durable design

• Easy to store and transport

• Adjustable flame and temperatures

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