Facebook Ads
Facebook is sitting on the largest and most accurate data-sets in the world. At Sqroot we have a team full of Online Marketing Experts who have managed more than 150 brands and spent 100Cr.+. From Traffic to Lead Generation to Conversion Campaign, we are one stop solution for all your Facebook advertising needs. Are you struggling to get good results post iOS14 update?
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Google Ads
Are you also struggling with high CPC, CTR, CPL & CPA? Well, this is a general pain-points of all those businesses who come to us. On Google only 10% of Advertising media agencies get 70% of the Traffic!!! You know why? Because they follow the right strategy to run, optimise, sustain and scale their campaigns. Sqroot has turned a lot of loss-making google ad accounts into profit making by following a few hidden secrets which no one talks about publicly.
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