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I am Slavena Tiger, Europe Dominatrix and Fetish Provider. I've been in Europe's most dungeons with the best service, providing professional Kinks over the past five years. I've combined my classic training in BDSM along with my enthusiastic bright personality to design an entirely new method of FemDom that is unique to me. I offer fun, engaging innovative, and authentic sessions for males and females.

The most common comment I receive from my submissives is that they clearly love my work - however, how could I not? I adore the deep pleasure and the sensual, kinky life I lead and am always willing to be a part of it.

With the perfect mix of joy and skillful sadness, I provide an exciting, fun method for BDSM. I am a true domineer and completely enthralled by the act of submission. I am an active and professional Dominatrix I offer every slave a portion of my intimate heart that allows them to peek into my world as they share in our personal, messy world that I have created with love for each slave. Incredibly, safe, and down-to-earth I also give my companions my genuine deep-seated sexual sexiness. How can I explain it? I'm unique in my traits and I'm so happy!
One of the advantages of having a professional mistress like me has been that I've had ample time to determine the things I love and what I enjoy about them. When I share my own skin kinks, I'm in a position to create scenes that I'm equally thrilled over as yours. My unending kinkiness encompasses many services, but my FemDom specialties are smothering, ballbusting, foot worship, mommification Mommy Dominatrix roleplay, extreme pegging, facesitting, spitting, and wedgie fetish as well as tickle-torture.

In addition to the conventional Dominatrix, I can offer sessions in contemporary spacious, light, and welcoming places. lots of funky toys and an inviting atmosphere, ideal to spend hours in awe. Meanwhile, my more professional option located in Prague has all the essentials of a dungeon, but without the dark atmosphere.

I'm a secure adept, intelligent, skilled Dominatrix who is able to tailor every session to my slave. Below is my collection of boasts I have several well-known clip studios, which include myself as well as several of the most skilled Dommes. I also offer one of the complete booking forms and have created and constructed several pieces of BDSM equipment, including my high-duty ball crusher, which is the most durable on the market If this doesn't convince you that I'm the real deal, you should take a look at my vast ol' booty. It's guaranteed to draw you in.

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