Islamabad Hearing Clinic

Islamabad, Pakistan

Hearing Care Solutions
Islamabad Hearing Center (IHC) Pakistan’s top audiology clinic offering the best care for hearing loss, including checkups and hearing tests, repairs, customizations, and backup programming for hearing aids since 2009. IHC team is made up of professional audiologists, engineers, and technology experts who make the process more efficient and effective by treating patients with care.
Hearing Assessment
Our goal is to treat your hearing needs with care and modern hearing assessment facilities. We use clinical testing to make sure what is causing hearing loss. With these tests, we can assess your progress, form a treatment plan, and evaluate the effectiveness of treatment, regardless of the intervention options we pursue. We provide following hearing assessment services using state of the art technology and modern techniques.
Hearing Aids
Hearing aids can change the way you live your life, and choosing the right hearing aid can improve your quality of life. Our team understands your difficult decision, and we make a big difference when it comes to hearing aids and hearing healthcare. Islamabad hearing center (IHC) has access to the most advanced hearing aid technology available from brand name manufacturers such as Widex, Phonak, Starkey, Oticon, Unitron, Belton, Siemens, Rexton, Audibel, Anaton, Helix, bernafon, puretone and the list goes on. We are one stop solution for hearing aids devices.
Hearing Aids Laboratory Services
We are a team of experienced in all brands of hearing aids trained in Turkey who understand and make sure that your hearing instruments will be handled professionally and delicately. Our hearing aid lab services are excellent in Pakistan, providing repair of all kind of hearing aids soft moulds, Hard moulds, Shells, programming, and customization. We provide best hearing ads laboratory services in Pakistan with best care.
Hearing Aids Brands We Deal In
To offer our patients the greatest hearing solution at the lowest cost, we collaborate with the top hearing aid manufacturers in the globe. Your hearing loss type, the listening environment, your lifestyle, and your budget will all be taken into consideration by our audiologist.

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