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Through Lotto Game, New Yorkers can participate in draw-based New York Lottery games without having to visit a retailer.
There are now online versions of the official New York Lotto games!

Lotto [url][/url] is an online lottery service that allows users to play their favourite games from the convenience of their homes. Customers receive their lottery tickets electronically. Online lottery ticket sales for Powerball and Mega Millions allow lottery participants to get their tickets sent right to their device.
The CEO of Lotto Game, Tom Metzger, says that his company is "essentially the UberEats of lotteries" since we deliver tickets online as well as physically to clients. "Traditional lottery has mostly remained untouched since it was created in 1964; now we're making it far more simple and accessible to a different audience."
The New York State Lottery has granted Lotto Game a licence to sell tickets to internet customers. After their age has been confirmed, consumers may easily buy tickets. They can restrict how much they play as well.

Since your ticket cannot be lost once you have it, according to Metzger, playing on Lotto is safer than playing in a typical retailer.

"You'd be surprised at how frequently people lose their tickets—usually found in the rear pocket of their pants—in the wash. Or, worst case scenario, they may accidentally throw away a winning ticket, which happens regularly, added Metzger." Furthermore, there is no question about who owns the ticket. Before uploading a ticket to the owner's account, we watermark it with the user's name and our company logo to guarantee there is no doubt about where it was acquired or whose it is.
The accessibility of Lotto was extremely important to Metzger. The website is put up such that whichever kind of

"We aimed to create a user experience that was really frictionless. You can visit our site, buy a Powerball ticket for $2, and check out without having to download an app or pre-fund your wallet to accomplish so. According to Metzger, the user experience is so good that over 80% of our consumers come back to make more purchases.
Almost 200,000 people have used the Lotto Game in New York alone since its introduction about three months ago. Only residents of New York, New Jersey, Colorado, and Texas may use the website, but it has aspirations to grow in the upcoming months and years.
"In 2011, the OLC legalised it at
According to Metzger, the European lottery system has included online lottery purchases for around 20 years. Similar to how it's done in Europe, wants to cooperate with retail sales to increase all lottery sales rather than trying to replace them.
"In the UK, internet sales were introduced, and they have since grown to account for 43% of all sales without causing any decline in brick-and-mortar stores. We don't actually compete with retail," said Metzger.
The business aspires to be one that uses the money it raises through the New York Lottery system to carry out worthwhile endeavours.
"The Lottery generated 8 billion in sales last year and gave back 3.6 billion in educational money."
Even though Lotto Game only provides draw-based games at the moment, there may be room to expand the selection to include scratch-off games as well. However, the company is currently aiming to increase the number of people who have never played the lottery to do so in a method that is more convenient for them.
The lottery has to advance along with other digitally-based activities. Instead of expecting the player to come to you, we must bring it to them, said Metzger. We built our platform to be so adaptable because of this, so.
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