Cascade Fingerprinting+

Bend, Oregon, USA

We offer a broad range of fingerprinting & notary services to the people living in Bend, Oregon and the surrounding area. Browse our fingerprinting services and select the one you are looking for:

Live Scan Card Fingerprinting on FD-258, SF-87, FD-1164
We use the latest equipment to capture your Live Scan Card Fingerprints with flawless precision and accuracy for all requirements, including FINRA, FBI, FDLE, and archiving purposes.

FBI Fingerprinting & Background Check
Our FBI Background Check Service captures your fingerprints with utmost digital precision and transmits them over to our approved FBI processor, giving you the results in less than 48 hours.

Apostille Services
Cascade Fingerprinting+ takes care of your apostille requirements. Authenticate any document with our Apostille Service and ensure safe travel abroad.

ATF Fingerprinting & EFT File Creation
Applying for a federal firearms license? Our ATF Fingerprinting Service helps you obtain your firearms license by capturing 100% accurate fingerprints for proper documentation.

FDLE Fingerprinting & Background Check
Cascade Fingerprinting+ offers level-1 and level-2 FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) live scan<spa and background check services to ensure safety and transparency.

FINRA Fingerprinting
Is the annual renewal of your FINRA license coming up? Cascade Fingerprinting+ helps you complete the annual process by submitting electronic fingerprints, helping you stay on top of the FINRA process.

Notary Services
Notarization is an important process that ensures the identity of a document’s signer has been properly authenticated. Cascade Fingerprinting+ has public notaries who help you notarize your documents. Avoid fraud with Cascade Fingerprinting’s Notarization Services.

Passport Photo Services
At Cascade Fingerprinting+, we use cutting-edge camera equipment to capture clear and crisp photos that work perfectly for your passport, visa, or immigration document requirements. Get your best Passport Photo at Cascade Fingerprinting.

Mobile Fingerprinting
Cascade Fingerprinting+ offers you the ease and convenience of getting your fingerprinting needs done from the comfort of your home. Schedule the time for Mobile Fingerprinting, and our technicians will come to you with all the necessary forms and equipment.


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