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United Kingdom

Hygge Bike is the provider of the best affordable bikes in Denmark. E-bikes are the best way to commute daily in less expanse. The passion for riding on bicycling is the healthiest activity; it keeps your body active and boosts your immunity. Whenever time changes, the technology evolves in old products and modify into new designs and multiple features. Now the old cycle has transformed into electric bikes. It boosts your speed and never stops you from exploring the city or mountain. Hygge Bikes offers an exceptional selection of folding electric bicycles designed for comfort and convenience. Our bikes feature 20" alloy folding frames for compact transportation. In addition, the M6 bright LCDs have clear information regarding your ride. Our bikes feature a 250W hub motor and 48V 12Ah battery for a smooth and efficient ride, offering maximum speeds of 25 km/h with ranges up to 90km, allowing longer rides without running out of power. Charging times range from 2-6 hours for fast recharge times when needed. For a smoke-free ride e-bike is the best partner for you. Let's ride with Hygge bikes.


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